Why women with big butt best wife

Lush buttocks is not just a fashion trend, they are useful for health and have many other advantages.

Чому жінки з великим задом — найкращі дружини

Our society constantly imposes new standards of beauty, the last of which are the large hips. It turns out that curvaceous buttocks – is not just a fashion trend, they are useful for health and have many other advantages. There are 7 reasons why women with big ass, best wife, reports Rus.Media.

They have significant health benefits

Scientists say that excess fat on the buttocks and hips provides extra protection against diabetes, heart disease and other diseases associated with obesity. Fat on the thighs allows you to produce hormones that help to better metabolize sugar and lipids.

They have a higher IQ

Woman with chubby ass have higher levels of fatty acids omega-3, which improve the functionality and development of the brain.

They, most likely, will be born more successful children

In 2010 researchers at Oxford University concluded that women with a large ass often give birth to healthier children because of the high levels of the previously mentioned fatty acids omega-3. Evidence shows that the fat contained in human breast milk comes from the lower body, this means that omega-3 is part of a balanced diet for the child.

They are more fertile than the average woman

There is a direct relationship between the ratio of waist to hips and irregular menstrual cycle. Regulation of the menstrual cycle leads to more frequent ovulation, and, therefore, higher probability of fertilization.

Men are biologically keen on women with big ass

Men are attracted to persons of the opposite sex with a specific bending of the spine, which often causes the size of the fifth point of women. According to scientists, over the centuries, the curvature of the spine at 45 degrees has enabled women to have children without damaging the back. Women with big buttocks are subconsciously perceived by males as more fertile.

Them better to cuddle

The need for pillows on the sofa disappears when you have ladies with curvaceous. Excess fat not only brings health, but also gives the partner tactile pleasure.

They have what everybody else wants

Women spend thousands of dollars on implants or hours in the gym to make your ass look big. If you’re one of the lucky few who was born with curvy hips, proud of it, receiving the biological and social benefits that gave you inherited your mother!

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