Why you need winter to turn on the AC in the car

The effect of desiccant – this rescue in the winter, when the glass is misted often.

Чому потрібно взимку вмикати кондиціонер в авто

How good in the heat through tubes by air-conditioned car! But in the winter this unit, many drivers become a problem, because seriously increases the fuel consumption. However, as we know, the devil is in the details.

First let’s deal with terminology. There are cars equipped with only air conditioning and have cars with more advanced systems of climate control. The latter is an electronic part that “smarter”, but it is based on the same compressor “condo”, informs Rus.Media.

The scheme of operation is quite simple and based on the laws of thermodynamics, familiar to every schoolboy: when compressing a gas heats up, the expansion – cooled. The system is closed and its circuit circulates refrigerant. He easily goes from a liquid to gaseous state and Vice versa.

The gas compressed by the compressor (up to about pressure of 20 atmospheres) and the temperature of the substance of this rise. Then the tube is freon, keeping the pressure goes to the condenser, located in front of the bumper. There the gas is cooled by the fan and air flow and turns into liquid. In this form it reaches the evaporator where the gas allow it to expand.

Moreover, its temperature drops sharply at the same time cooling the air coming into the cabin. For the sake of all and was started: in the car becomes cool.

But here is another very interesting and important process. Due to the difference in temperature, moisture from the air condenseries in the cells of the radiator evaporator. Thus, the flow that enters inside the car, it becomes dry. Then once in the car, this air begins to greedily absorb the moisture that is there.

The effect of the desiccant – this rescue in the winter, when the glass is misted often. Air-conditioned car window would do it much less often. When condensation has occurred, it is enough to turn the air-conditioner fan to maximum speed and a minute later the visibility will be restored.

But it is necessary to understand that to dramatically increase the cooling temperature in this case is not recommended – the glass may crack. By the way, if in case of serious frost is not promptly remove the moisture from the glass, it very quickly turns into a crust of ice, and then to provide a good overview on the move will not be easy, that is really dangerous.

Чому потрібно взимку вмикати кондиціонер в авто

In the case of climate control do better not to interfere, forcibly disconnecting air-conditioning compressor. Miserable fuel economy at the expense of comfort, and even safety – it is clearly not worth it. Moreover, in many cars there is a special function to combat zapotlan: just one click, you immediately enable the desired mode at a maximum power of the fan and of course air conditioning.

There is another reason why you should turn on the air conditioner in the winter. Experts recommend doing this at least once a month. The fact that the refrigerant in the air conditioning system serves, inter alia, and as a lubricant for the moving parts of the compressor, and also extends the life of gasket material. If these “gum” dry, disturbed the integrity of the system and leakage of refrigerant can not be avoided.

And do not be afraid that too harsh frosts turning on the air conditioner may damage the device. Engineers and producers have thought of everything: critical temperatures, the device is simply not included.

And freezing enabled kindicare impossible: you didn’t forget the temperature controller. When you want to heat the cabin, the air from outside in any case heats up regular “stove.”