Why You should not skip chilling the dough cookies

Have you ever wondered why in the recipe for sugar cookies written on how to cool the dough before baking? As it turned out, it is extremely important not to skip this step!

Чому Вам не варто пропускати охолодження тіста на печиво

Patience really is not your strong point? You treat the people who constantly ask while traveling: “are We there yet?”. Perhaps you are a person who strives to meet their needs, and so when you get to the step in your favorite recipe of sugar cookies that require refrigeration of cookie dough with a clear indication to wait three hours before you bake the cookies, your subconscious says, “you can skip This one”.

But if your love of cooking is dominated by your impatience, you should know about why this step is so important. Although this is certainly not the end of the world if you don’t refrigerate the dough into cookies, but this item will make a huge difference in the end result, when your cookies will be ready, informs Rus.Media.

What gives us the chilling of the dough for the cookies?

Actually there is a scientific reason for the cooling of cookie dough, and this is due to two components: fat and liquids. First, the test allows the cooling oil, cream cheese and other fats to thicken. Why is it important? Well, for the same reason you want your dough into a pie is cold: if the fats melt too fast, the dough will rise rapidly in the oven. Such excessively raised dough loses its perfect texture. In the case of pie, the crust will not be easy and will not brittle. Regarding the cookie, it will rise too quickly, and the taste is soft and tender, but not fully hard and crunchy.

The second component in this equation is a liquid. as the dough stand, the sugar absorbs the liquid from the other ingredients. This allows you to slightly dry the dough, preventing it from lifting, thereby creating appropriate conditions for cookies that will have a crispy crust. In addition to seriously improved texture, this is a dry dough creates ideal conditions in order for the flour was divided into simple carbohydrates, creating additional sugar and increasing and improving the taste of the cookies.

So, if you can’t wait for all the time suggested in the recipe, at least try to cool the dough at least 30 minutes. It’s worth it!