Why Zelensky needed a new military cooperation agreement with the United States

Зачем Зеленскому понадобился новый договор о военном сотрудничестве с США

And why is it Trump?

“The defense Ministry of Ukraine and the USA signed an agreement on cooperation”, – reports “Ahoi”.

And it was then the dilution of forces in the Donbas. How it goes?

The fact that the dilution of forces in the Donbass interested participants of the Normandy format, “the locomotives of the EU” France and Germany, and with them all Europe, who fear a zone of instability on its borders (not only them of middle Eastern refugees). In addition, the termination of the so-called “Russian aggression” to allow to remove part of the sanctions against Russia, which affected primarily the same Europe.

America, on the contrary, always only profited from the European wars and intensified due to the weakening of Europe.

By fanning war in Ukraine, it receives the weakening of the two geo-economic rivals – the growing of Russia and the United (yet) Europe. Not to mention the fact that prevents the mutual reinforcement of their economic potential, cooperation and trade.

But in this case, up to the President of Ukraine, who won with the slogan of peacekeeping?

Zelensky is important to gain the support of the troops. As you know, the command structure through natural selection over the five years of war have now evolved such that it supports the “party of war” led Poroshenko. So Zelensky important to placate the army, to show that he cares about her, at least not worse than the predecessor. Hence the recent sighs of “only one tank, released at the Kharkov plant” and the dinners in the dugouts, and the increase in the military budget. It is vital for Zelensky, who fought against pocket “dobrobiti” Avakov and other oligarchs.

On the other hand, trump has made it clear – no military assistance until it is investigated the corruption case of the Biden family. And the purchase of weapons, money Ukraine does not have. Hence in the Protocol and American blah-blah-blah about the support of the good against the bad without concrete filling figures, terms, and types of weapons.Dmitry Skvortsov

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