“Wicked people, the worst region”. As the channel Poroshenko was deprived of citizenship of the residents of Donbass

"Испорченные люди, худший регион". Как на канале Порошенко лишали гражданства жителей Донбасса

Ostap Drozdov. A screenshot from the show “Rendezvous” with Yanina SokolovaIn the air “5 channel”, which belongs to ex-President Petro Poroshenko, in Lviv journalist Ostap Drozdov urged to revoke Ukrainian citizenship to all inhabitants “LDNR”.

He also expressed the opinion that the population of these territories Ukraine does not need – in contrast to the territories themselves.

In recent times calls for discrimination against the residents of Donbas has intensified. However, they were mostly confined to Facebook pages of the authors of such statements.

This time the controversial statement was made in a broadcast on national TV channels. When the presenter Yanina Sokolova, who interviewed Drozdov, did not attempt to dissociate themselves from the said or at least to argue with a guest.

As already told “the Country”, the permanent stuffing in the information space of the theses on inequality between people from “DNR” and “LNR” called to disrupt the timid beginnings of a peaceful resolution in the Donbas – to the uncontrolled territory did not want any forms of integration with Ukraine.

“Country” is understood, which another discriminatory recipe was invented for Donbass channel Poroshenko.

Said Drozdov

Journalist and former TV presenter ZiK came to “Rendezvous” with Yanina Sokolova on October 26. After watching the video of “DNR”, where local residents stated that they wanted to live with Russia, Drozdov recalled that he was defending the separatists and tried to “get into their heads”. But then he changed his mind.

“Of course, as a child I loved going to the zoo and watch how they behave especially in the Department of cloven-hoofed animals. But I’ve outgrown this job and for all the points “I” arranged”, – he explained his evolution of thrush.

Sokolov read one of the posts Ostap that residents “LDNR” we need to re-pass the procedure of obtaining citizenship. And asked him how to be with those who remained because of the circumstances: sick parents or have nowhere to go.

“A hundred reasons” – ironically said the journalist. And stated that it shared the issue of territories and population.

“On the territories we don’t argue… But I share the question of demographics, of the population. We would not understand a single with all. We need to approach this cynically. In principle, all the people in there sixth year of living in “LNR” and “DNR” who are planning on “We want to Russia” or is it internally supported, or not saying anything against it, for me they are spoiled and lost people. As citizens of Ukraine, I don’t see them,” – said Drozdov.

He said “we open doors for them, but under the conditions below before these people put very strict filters.” Drozdov also outlined a very simple condition for such a filter: stay in “LNR” and “DNR”.

“If you left, you automatically lose citizenship and later the government says get over” – offers the presenter.

On povery question, but what about those who physically could not leave, he replied: “They should just excuse us for a generalization and say: Yes we are willing to wait a bit… if We start to play in half-measures, they simply suffocate”.

Then the journalist gave a number of characteristics of the residents of uncontrolled territories.

“To a certain extent, these people are scary… I would argue that the Donbass on their civic consciousness worst. They are in the “DNR” and “LNR” in addition to “Russia today” and Kabaevoy’t hear anything. It is in principle missing people,” – said the journalist.

Who else was rude to residents of Donbass

Just yesterday, an activist of the Marusya St. John’s Wort on the stream with the people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” Sofia Pedinol stated that it is impossible to ask anything of people even controlled territories of Donbas. So she commented on the train Zelensky in Golden, where he interacted with the local population and has stated that it is not against the withdrawal of troops.

“The commander in chief does not go to the villages and asked the opinion of people who treated Russian propaganda”, – said St. John’s Wort.

“Explain what is going on in the country, let there the Ukrainian channels are working normally, to enable them to make an informed choice, and not imposed by Russian propaganda. And then you have to ask them what they think about breeding troops.

But, unfortunately, you can’t, with@ka, do it, and you know why? Because you, p@p, I don’t know because you have the brains processed Russian propaganda. Because you shovel was a shovel left. You became President because you, b@, factories and botafirm did,” said friend Pedini.

In fact, she said that with a population of Donbass speak do not need, and indeed voted for Zelensky “Batfarma”. And then she moved on to the obscene ways the President’s death, as has told “the Country”.
In General, October proved to be fruitful for this kind of application.

8 October, the former host of the show “Karaoke on the Maidan”, producer Igor Kondratyuk announced its version of the settlement of the situation in the Donbas after Ukraine agreed on a formula Steinmeier.

Among the 10 points “program Kondratyuk” – the eviction of residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions outside the country, if they do not confirm the desire to live in Ukraine, as well as the deprivation of electoral rights for 10 years. And those who were involved in the organization of the so-called “referendum” Kondratyuk suggested to deprive of the right to vote for life.

Your opinion entertainer has published on his page in Facebook.

“Kondratyuk formula to resolve the conflict in the Donbas.

1. Ukraine returns control of its Eastern borders (peacefully, through the OSCE, UN peacekeepers and all types of important organizations). So the ONLY item for which diplomats / leaders from different countries gather in Minsk, Normandy, Geneva or any other format – to force Russia to close its border with Ukraine. All other issues in such negotiations will not be discussed because of the irrelevance.

2. After Ukraine’s full control over the Eastern border, the militants of illegal armed formations so-called “LNR” and “DNR” voluntarily surrender arms.

3. Those Ukrainian military court will be determined by war criminals – sit established by the courts time.

4. Residents of the so-called ORDO a month since the full restoration of the Kiev authorities need to decide whether they want to live in the state of Ukraine.

5. Who does not want – within 3 months of leaving Ukraine in any direction. Ukraine pays them for this “retreat”. With the condition not to return to Ukraine for 50 years after leaving.

6. Those who will remain, 10 years lose their right to vote. In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to run for office and serve in the police for 10 years will be eligible only those who from the beginning of the summer of 2014 lived on the territory controlled by Kiev.

7. Persons who were involved in the organization of the so-called “referendum” on the so-called “LNR” and “DNR” and stay to live in Ukraine, the Ukrainian election lose the right forever.

8. During the implementation of paragraphs 1-7 Russia is silent, like a mouth full of water!

9. After step 1-7, the same formula is the liberation of the Crimea from resistiv.

10. The guarantor of the implementation of the formula Kondratyuk to resolve the conflict in the Donbas are all nuclear countries, except the Russian Federation”.

"Испорченные люди, худший регион". Как на канале Порошенко лишали гражданства жителей Донбасса

A couple of days before a prescription Kondratyuk his formula suggested Lviv journalist Oleh Radyk, host of “Great talks”.

He called for the beating of the residents of Donbass for a wrong answer on “Glory to Ukraine”. He also proposed to close in the region all universities and not to pay pensions. And “collaborators” to pass through the filtration camps that need to be fitted in the mines.

According to him, only 40 years sweeps will do temporarily uncontrolled territory “truly Ukrainian”.

“You want the truth as to return the Donbass When we get there.

40 years of clean-up operations and counterterrorism. The prohibition of the Russian language in the use of officials. The closure of all universities. All. Let them go to Lviv. Funding of informers. Pensions fuck. All. Benefits. Only Benefits. Victims of Russian occupation.
Digging the OSCE in the shoulders. Filtration camps for collaborators. On the territory of the mines.

And p@zdit, p@zdit, p@zdit everyone who does not respond correctly to the Glory of Ukraine …
PS. Forgot. All shops should be Roche. And on TV 95 quarter. And p@zdit.

I age ready to be a head of the filtration camps or the police gorlovki” – Radyk wrote in Facebook.

"Испорченные люди, худший регион". Как на канале Порошенко лишали гражданства жителей Донбасса

Talking about escapade Drozdov and others

As you can see, the statements require to hit the rights of the inhabitants of “DNR” and “LNR” in recent weeks has increased dramatically.

“Country” has already explained why this happened. Shaft discriminatory statements arose after the government signed the formula Steinmeier and breeding troops in the Donbas.

Words Drozdov and To pursue two main objectives.

The first is an attempt to recapture the desire of the population “LDNR” to return to Ukraine. And make such attempts a toxic first of all “republics”.

After all, the status quo of “neither peace nor war” long political existence of the many forces inside Ukraine. And beyond – helping to keep the tone of the anti-Russian agenda and sanctions against Moscow (in the interest of certain circles of the USA).

The second objective of these attacks has two sides.

One it shows the impotence of the new government, which is afraid to be punished for clearly anti-human and criminal appeals. It mobilizes the radical wing of the “party of war” and shows that impunity can increase the intensity of the struggle against Zelensky (“get Zelensky” – did not mince words Ostap Drozdov).

All of this “Orgy of powerlessness” occurs on the background of open disobedience to the authorities of the nationalists, which is entrenched in the Gold and break the breeding troops in the Donbas.

On the other hand this is a clear provocation. If the government begins to prosecute the authors of such appeals, it will be possible to declare reprisals against the patriots. What also will fuel already preparing the nationalist Maidan against Zelensky.

This is especially evident with activist Marusia St. John’s Wort, which yesterday called for the assassination of the President. However, in the faction “people’s Servants” stated that claims about it have not. Showing that giving back is not going to.

The show, which was attended by Drozdov, brought the story to a new level: this time it was performed at the level of the all-Ukrainian TV channel. And came not live, but recorded. That is, all the controversies poroshenkovsky “channel 5” would cut but didn’t.

Recall that the national Council for radio and television conducted numerous tests TV channel NewsOne, there have been calls to give special status to the Donbas (as so written in the Rada adopted the law), and the expression “party of war”. The regulator called it inciting hatred and enmity.

Legally, now the national Council has the right to initiate similar proceedings against the “channel 5”. Since there is just the most obvious incitement to hatred on a regional basis.

That, apparently, expect the ex-President, who believes that to close the channel from Zelensky would not dare, afraid of “activists”. On the other – hoping to shortcut the pursued policies that dramatically complicates further the prosecution Poroshenko.

If the authorities ignore this scandal – propaganda against Zelensky and against peace in Donbas will only increase. And with each round to give an adequate answer is more complicated. Vic Wenk

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