WikiLeaks: Assange Verdict – abusive and vindictive

WikiLeaks: Приговор Ассанжу – оскорбительный и мстительный

Julian Assange will go to jail. A London court sentenced the founder of WikiLeaks to a year in prison.

Sentence for violation of conditions of release on bail in 2012 when considering a request to extradite Assange to Sweden. There sought his extradition on rape charges. However, the journalist hid in the Embassy of Ecuador and thereby violated the terms of bail. For that he gave today 50 weeks in prison.

“This sentence is offensive and vindictive in nature. This does not give us much faith in the justice system of the UK during the upcoming struggle. The two-week deadline given in the appeal against sentence is a complete disgrace,” responded the editor in chief of WikiLeaks Kristin Hrafnsson.

Now Assange’s extradition sought by the U.S. government, who want to bring against him charges of espionage.