Wild dog pretended to be dead and escaped from the lioness

Дикая собака прикинулась мертвецом и спаслась от львицы

In Africa, the lioness attacked the wild a wild dog, but she did not panic and be smart, pretending to be dead. Video filmed tourists published on the YouTube channel Kruger Sightings.

In comments to the video explains that tourists with a guide went for a walk in a national Park in Zimbabwe. At this point, a pack of wild dogs was too close to the lioness than the one used.

A lion attacked the flock and grabbed one of the dogs trying to sneak away. In turn, the dog pretended to be dead: she swung his legs and head, not moving.

The lioness started to drag a potential victim herself. At this moment the attention of the predator attracted by the running animal. The lioness released her victim from the jaws and ran after him.

The African wild dog took the opportunity: he jumped up and ran away. Tourists noted that it is impossible to underestimate looks weak animals.

Earlier it was reported that in the United States woman long to notice a possum in the bedroom of his young daughters. The animal cleverly hiding in the closet.