Wild Wild Zaxid. As the Volunteers and the nationalists are fighting with the press in Lviv

Дикий, Дикий Zaxid. Как АТОшники и националисты воюют с прессой во Львове

© Sergei Leichenko / TH “USU ATO”confrontation between the so-called veterans of the ATO and the nationalists with the authorities and journalists bought into the “capital of Ukrainian nationalism” such a harsh nature that threatens to overgrow in the format of armed shootouts.”I became aware of the threat to my life and my family, said on 17 December at the presentation of the annual hardware awards in the Lviv regional state administration journalist of the popular Internet edition ZAXID.NET Andrey Drozdov. Threats are coming from the participants of the organisations of nationalist sense and are related to the publication where I work. The same person Dec 12, broke into the administrative building, where the meeting took place in Lviv city Council. They demanded to withdraw ZAXID.NET publications concerning participants in paid rallies. Now they say that they keep track of my place of residence and place of study of my children.”

Drozdov urged those present at the awarding ceremony of the Governor of the Lviv region and heads of regional power departments to deal with the situation, saying that he and other members of the editorial Board ZAXID.NET issued statements to the National police and attorney General’s office on the fact of threats and pressure from organizations such as “Squall”, “Union of volunteers” Ukrainian Union of participants of the ATO, “Sokol” (the youth wing of the nationalist party “Freedom”) and “community Development”.

Дикий, Дикий Zaxid. Как АТОшники и националисты воюют с прессой во Львове

Indeed, this is not the first treatment ZAXID.NET to law enforcement agencies. Before that, on 12 December the website published an appeal to the heads of the National police of Ukraine, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine and security Service of Ukraine on behalf of the editor-in-chief Oleg oniskoassociated with events events — a few tens of ATO veterans and nationalists stormed the building of the Lviv city Council, demanding to remove them devoted to articles on ZAXID.NET.

This conflict has gone on for a long time. 21 November 2018 after a rally on the anniversary of the start of Euromaidan, which was attended apart from the above listed organizations are also members of the “National body”, the part of the protesters attacked the editorial office ZAXID.NET.

As reported on the heels of the events: “They lit smoke bombs and tried to break into the editor ZAXID.NET. The protesters were escorted by the police, but she did not interfere and did not interfere with their action. The participants chanted “Shame!” and demanded an apology for publishing ZAXID.NET about “community Development”… the Action lasted about 15 minutes, after which the participants dispersed.”

Дикий, Дикий Zaxid. Как АТОшники и националисты воюют с прессой во Львове

The conflict again intensified by the end of 2019, and has become quite serious. December 9, a few days before the storming of the volunteers and the nationalists of the Lviv city Council, took place the following episode.

In the attic of the building television and radio company (TRK) Lyuks in Lviv found hidden in the suitcase machine (previously identified as Czech CZ SA Vz.58, looks like a Kalashnikov, but differing from it in its design) in working condition, equipped with a silencer, red-dot sight (allows you to facilitate quick aiming at moving targets) and a shop full of live ammunition, including armor-piercing.

And this is the interesting circumstance noted by the Finance Director of broadcasting company “Lux” Alexander Dennisuk: “this attic is visible only to the inner yard and stairwell, where visitors and employees of broadcasting company “Lux” and website ZAXID.NET”. That is, you can effectively arrange unexpected mass slaughter — subject to the availability of collimator sight and silencer and aiming it so irritating employees of ATO veterans and nationalists online publication.Characteristically, found the gun quite by accident — to the attic I went to smoke the journalists drew attention to a strange suitcase. Called the police.

This is not the bullying kind of lighting the flares and pushing, screaming before the doors of the editorial office, as it was a year ago. Czech arms — the machine guns, pistols guns, pistols famous among special forces and crime with its compactness and reliability. Worth a similar “device” (especially with such “tuning”) is not cheap, at least several thousand Euro, and on the “black market” it should still look, in contrast to the cheap and available Soviet machines. Even if the Czech machine threw reporters to intimidate — the gesture is in any case expressive.

Police still have not commented on the discovery of the TRC “Lux” machine gun with a silencer, red-dot sight and armor-piercing rounds, which obviously caused a public appeal ZAXID.NET to the Governor and heads of law enforcement agencies.

Why did the radicals and symbols of the Ukrainian Union of members of ATU (Ukr. Ukrainian Spilka uchasnikiv ATO USU ATO) directly copied from the “Right sector”* (the Trident with woven into a sword) and UNA-UNSO* (the characteristic “cross UNSO” with curved edges) — do not touch a good question.

Дикий, Дикий Zaxid. Как АТОшники и националисты воюют с прессой во Львове

For example, because in December 2017, the same veteran and nationalist organizations stormed Lviv city Council, obviously trying to “throw” (or at least “bring to life”) were in opposition to Petro Poroshenko, the mayor Andrey Sadovyi. When in Kiev, the streets were raging Mahomedan, “tough times call for tough decisions” to isolate potential political allies of Mikheil Saakashvili.

And in the spring of this year the same USU ATO was one of the main “engines” of public speaking in Lviv against opposing the incumbent President popular presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky. The journalists then revealed a direct relationship of this veteran’s organization of the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko.

However, now veterans rather concerned with the exposure of journalists to their personal address and the address of their large business partners. For example, it is no secret that the President of the USU ATO Maxim Kamenetsky heads simultaneously and dacha cooperative “Happiness”. In General, these cooperatives are often a tool to capture land formally allocated land share holders, but in reality they are usually disposed of by the Chairman, who may then sell the sections of right and left whole acres.Kamenetsky interest to the lands in Lviv is great. By the way, Drozdov in his address on 17 December to the Governor and the regional security officials listed four publications, which conducted the pressure on ZAXID.NET and one of them is released on July 17 of this year an article of his authorship called “Return to Eden: Igor Krivetsky bought from the volunteers of 65 hectares near the resort of “Eden resort,””.

Scheme of seizure of land, the same parcels are allocated supposedly ordinary citizens, but in fact controlled by big businessmen. Here is a quote from the mentioned article:

“The land got Shooters and fairly well-known part in street protests in Lviv, members of the Ukrainian Union of participants of the ATO. We will remind, the co-founder of this Union is a longtime business partner (of a member of Parliament in 2012-2014 from “Freedom” and one of the main sponsors of the party, which, incidentally, explains the participation of “Falcon” in the ongoing attacks on ZAXID.NET. — Ed.) Igor Krivetsky Alexander Veremeenko. And the participants USU ATO not only actively participate in street protests, but also create a housing and construction and service cooperatives with similar names “Patriot-1”, “the Patriot-2”. “The patriot-3”. The members of these cooperatives are quite successful get land in the Lviv region.

In particular, the plot of Arrows became active member of the USU ATO Oleg Dudko, which has remained in the ownership of the land on Zamarstynivska street, in the former military camp, where in October 2017 held conflict land distribution”.

All this is really reminiscent of the classic Wild West with the land grab by squatters, the “shadow bosses” of big business and the shootings, in which with “colts” in the hands of determined the place of each in the sun.Vladislav Maltsev

* The activities of organisations banned in Russia

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