Wildlife reserves and national parks, stays cancelled

More than 2,800 trips that had to be done in the beginning of the season on the territories of fishing with accommodation in the wildlife reserves and national parks, have officially been cancelled.

In the course of the next few hours, the lovers in question will receive a shipment official of the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SÉPAQ) to tell them the news. They will also receive a call from the officials, as of tomorrow morning, to see if they want to be reimbursed, or possibly move their residence during the season. They will also have the option to defer the amount paid for a stay the next season. It is on Sunday that bookings for 2021 will be possible.

Concretely, this means that for this season, in the case of wildlife reserves, the opening scheduled for 15, will be available the 22, if conditions permit. However, it should be mentioned that there are two exceptions, namely the reserve of the Laurentides and the reserve of Papineau-Labelle who will not be available until may 28, if it is possible.


In the case of national parks, which was scheduled to begin on the 15th in the entire network, is delivered to the 28 may next. The parks will therefore not be available before this date.

This situation was predictable, considering the time very tight which existed between the time where the Public Health gave its assent and the date of opening. It is to be understood that before such territories are available, it is necessary to perform many jobs. Employees must present themselves on the ground, prepare the road network, ensure that all the ramps are available and safe, as the fleet boats, and also to order. If one adds to this all that must be done for the upgrading of the positions of home and cottages, all this became impossible to achieve for the 15th of may.


Same situation on the side of the outfitters who do not yet know at what point a OK will be given by the government.

On the whole territory of the country, the providers have put in place protocols to welcome the fishermen, in respect of applications for public Health. We want to provide the fans an interesting experience in the circumstances. What was needed in this environment, it is a calendar of what government intends to do with them.

It sells for 700 000 fishing licences in Quebec. Currently, enthusiasts take advantage of the fact that the season is open, fishing in the river, or in rivers or lakes, in public territory. Near 50 000 leases of resort are in force in Quebec, which is as much the owner of the cottages who would like to have answers on the access to the cottage.


Currently, the daily fishing is possible on the territory of the zecs. The fans should have a right of access to officials of the territory they want to visit. Officially, the zecs are not open, but this activity can be done.

Offer daily fishing, could become an interesting solution to allow enthusiasts to be able to begin their season in some of the outfitters and all the wildlife reserves network. The costs related to the practice of this activity, can perform without there being direct contact. We are reminded that the measure number one, this is the social distancing, the famous six feet, must be adhered to at all times. Two fishermen in an isolated forest in a boat of 12 or 16 feet, there will be no difficulty to comply with it. The nature and isolation of quality it offers, there is nothing better for mental health.

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