will the Creuse labs be taken by storm?

    will the Creuse labs be taken by storm?

    This week, it could be the parade in the analysis laboratories of Creuse! Many of you want to take a coronavirus test, before returning to your family for the holidays. At the Astralab laboratory in Guéret, people who have no symptoms are screened without an appointment. Professionals don’t know how many people will show up in the days leading up to Christmas, but they expect to work long days.

    Strong demand for Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24

    It’s not the rush yet, but in recent days there have been a lot of calls from people for information. There is a high demand for Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24“, notes Marlène Latour-Couchot, head of the Astralab laboratory in Guéret. This health professional has also canceled her vacation at the last moment : “because we are afraid of not being able to cope“, she confides.

    Guéret hospital seems to be approaching this period a little more calmly. The hospital is able to perform 2000 tests per week. Currently he in practice around 500. The health establishment therefore seems to have a little leeway to absorb an increase in requests, a few days before the holidays.

    Marlène Latour-Couchot says she is “pessimistic for January”

    This probable increase in preventive testing is not the only cause for concern for the head of the Astralab laboratory in Guéret: “What is more alarming is the increase in tests at the drive level: this means that there are more contact cases or more symptomatic cases“.

    I think we are at the beginning of a third wave in the region

    Indeed, before the second confinement, the laboratory was extremely busy to carry out screenings.It was an unbearable pace“, insists Marlène Latour-Couchot. After a drop in activity that lasted about three weeks, the head of the Astralab laboratory notes a further increase. She says it bluntly: “I am very pessimistic for the month of January“.

    This professional strongly advises against antigenic tests

    Marlène Latour-Couchot is also very upset against antigenic tests, available in pharmacies : “For me it’s a disaster that we authorized these tests“, she blurted out. These tests are indeed described as less reliable by many experts: “With antigenic tests, three / quarters of positive patients come out with a negative result “, laments the head of the Astralab lab.

    This professional therefore strongly advises all Creusois who wish to be tested, toopt for a PCR test: a sample from the nose.

    If the sample is well done, in both nostrils, PCR Tests are very very reliable

    Currently in Creuse, the results of PCR tests are transmitted within 24 hours, there is therefore no a priori reason to opt for an antigenic test.

    Finally, Marlène Latour-Couchot, reminds the instruction : “even if the result of your test is negative, remember that it is a photograph at a moment T. You must keep the barrier gestures. As long as we don’t have a vaccine, it’s our only protection!

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