Will the reopening of restaurants on January 20 soon be delayed?

    Will the reopening of restaurants on January 20 soon be delayed?

    While all eyes are now on the evolution of epidemiological data after the end of the year celebrations, the reopening of restaurants is in the balance. According to information from RTL, the latter should not reopen their doors on January 20, a threshold set at the end of November by Emmanuel Macron subject to the evolution of the pandemic. “It won’t be January 20”, several government sources confirmed to RTL. The deadline should be postponed by several weeks before even knowing the consequences of the end of the year holidays, supports the radio. The official announcement should come in the coming days and the aid extended for as long as it takes.

    A decree of October 29 had ordered bars and restaurants to keep the door closed at the time of the reconfinement. The appeal by Umih, the main trade union in the hotel and catering industry, against this closure was rejected by the Council of State on December 8. This decision was based in particular on recent studies showing the significantly higher risk of contamination in these places.

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    “A heartbreak”

    As early as December, the government had prepared this sector, heavily damaged by the pandemic, for the possibility of a later reopening. “I cannot guarantee that bars and restaurants will be able to reopen on this date. It will depend on all of us ”, had warned Jean Castex on December 15 at the microphone of Europe 1. “It is heartbreaking for me to close these establishments, but it is necessary”, he added.

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    This Sunday, the Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Alain Griset, also judged on Europe 1 “unlikely” the reopening of these establishments on January 20. The level of January 7, that of the reopening of cultural places, was also officially postponed in early January by the government because of the still too active circulation of the virus.

    Marlene Thomas

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