Will we repeat of Srebrenica?

Нам не грозит повторение Сребреницы?

Where propaganda is screaming about freedom, it is self-contradictory (Theodor Adorno)

In principle, when a politician of high rank in the sight of the banal, empty drum, throws in live slogans, there is nothing unusual. In the end, even our Saltykov Shchedrin taught: if the administration “will not kalyakat” that his name “will never become popular”. Worst of all is that the politicians themselves start to believe in your own “white noise”.

The message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the transfer of the border with no Amnesty law and the possibility of a repetition of the tragedy of Srebrenica (the massacre of Bosnian Muslim soldiers in the Army of Republika Srpska under the command of General Ratko Mladic in July 1995), President Vladimir Zelensky said about the impossibility of such a scenario.

Like, this can never be! We understand the country is different, special – free and democratic. And the government only thinks in the morning smeared a sandwich: how to keep the highest value in the state life?

It seems that Vladimir Aleksandrovich live in different countries.

In his virtual, that cozy little world not beaten Lviv musicians for songs in Russian, there are no “genes Nischuk”, “heroes” (watching TV) do not come to the Maidan with their own rifle for the shooting of the soldiers of law and order, “patriots” do not row on the “paid” to fight “the enemy” – as a result killed a child of three or a journalist, and the official “sprechender” makes clear allusions to the citizens who are not going to hesitate or abandon their native language in the form of fines or “Suitcase! Station! Russia!”.

And, of course, in the matrix Zelensky, there is the Ukrainian version of Rwandan “Free radio and television of a thousand hills”. Where every day, each of iron continue to divide the citizens of Ukraine on the “right” and “wrong”. And as the evaluation criterion will fit all: language, faith, nationality, ideology, political views.

To give Vladimir more time: to grasp, to understand, to understand?

So he was not born yesterday! Not on Mars! And “not goof”!

After all, the so-called “Pro-Ukrainian” media name grandfather Soros and the “Washington regional Committee” actively poured into the ears of the citizens of propaganda (in the language of hatred) for a good couple of decades. Remember this massive media hysteria about the “endowment of Donbas”, populated exclusively “Gopnik” – descendants “brought into Ukraine” racial wrong citizens that do not wish to join the “European values”.

Not about whether we were told, bringing this Orgy to a maximum before the Maidan?

Something has changed with the advent of “new”? Alas, no.

The construction of the “Ministry of truth” passionately continues the next head of culture Vladimir Borodyansky – rate that will be envied by the builders of the bridge on the Lot!

“Pro-Ukrainian” irons continue to call ORDO – the “terrorist entities”. All who disagree with the policy of the party – “candy”. And the so-called “impartial journalists” in the form of Ostap Drozdova compare the people of Donbass with the “cloven-hoofed” in the zoo. Well, to deprive all the inhabitants beyond the control of Kiev territories of the Ukrainian citizenship is sacred.

And the other arbiters, but also with Patriotic expressions, coolly argue on the topic: how many cassettes of “Grads” need to “cheer up” Kiev?

Model the situation: Ukraine had just gained control over the state border in Donbas.

Now ask yourself a simple question: how many drugged hate propaganda nationalists cave, taking out the stockpiled “Souvenirs” from the ATO, rush to Donbass to fight the “Russian world”, to realize “movny control,” deribanit someone else’s business, and eliminate the “vorogiv” sniper rifles, blow up cars and increase profits, “New mail”?

One? A dozen? A hundred?

Or will it be Srebrenica?

Slogans this situation is not corrected. Prescription “once again, and agreed” not suitable. And there are no simple solutions. To create a truly free democracy needs a long and systematic work. We need tens of years to instill in the public the immunity from civil hatred. And to start this work should be with, what ended the Rwanda Patriotic, free and unbiased “journalists” – by the international Tribunal in the Hague.

Vladimir Alexandrovich! Maybe it is time to turn your head, not…

However, colorvalue jokes – this is the accordion.

Alexey Kurakin

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