Winnick showed a photo with the “most beautiful woman of Ukraine”- “This is fate and together we”

The corresponding photo appeared on the artist page in Instagram.

Винник показав фото з "найкрасивішою жінкою України"- "Це доля і ми разом"

Oleg Vinnik, named the most handsome man in the Ukrainian version of the prize “Viva!” he published a joint photo with Olya Polyakova, who was awarded the same award and became in 2018, the most beautiful woman of Ukraine, reports Rus.Media.

The corresponding photo appeared on the artist page in Instagram.

“Olya Polyakova repeatedly recognized that caring to me. Apparently, it had to happen, and we are now together on the cover of VIVA!” – commented the artist.

The post winnik liked his fans, who not only praised the appearance of the stars, but recalled that waiting for the duet artist with Olya Polyakova.

“Steep!We want a duet”, – began to write in the comments.

We will remind, on Friday, February 2, Kyiv hosted the award ceremony “Viva! The most beautiful-2018”. A red carpet event walked by more than 120 stars, including popular actors, singers, TV presenters, public figures and, of course, the nominees.

The winners of the prize “Viva! The most beautiful-2018” steel singers Olga Polyakova Oleg Vinnik. “Mother of the year” was the leading “social life” on “1+1” Ekaterina Osadchaya, a special prize “the Choice of Viva!” got the musician Sergey Babkin and lead singer of The Hardkiss Yulia Sanin.

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