Winning Conditions?

The scenarios about the recovery of activities have been studied closely by the national hockey League.

The ball is in the camp of the committee in charge of drawing up the main lines of the protocol of return-to-work, a committee comprising several stakeholders.

We thought Gary Bettman was going to disclose relevant information after the meeting of the governors, yesterday, but according to observers, this was a discussion, as are all the owners since the beginning of the pandemic.

It is the players, especially, who should give their opinion on many subjects, including the formula of the series. But attention, this does not necessarily mean that the series will include 24 teams. So much the better.

Series two of the three first

However, supporters of the Canadian, do not lose especially not hope. If the formula is adapted, the Habs will be of the group of 24. Only thing left is to put in place a system of elimination. What we study now, it is a tournament where all six teams in the same division play each other once.

At the end of this tournament, the rankings will determine the first two teams of each division gets a pass to the first round of the series. The formations of the third place team will compete against the teams in sixth place and the training of fourth place will be up against teams of fifth place in series two of three. Then, all the other series will be four of seven.

Players will need to continue their work in discussing with the members of their association because it still has not made a cross on the proposal to qualify 20 courses.

Necessary compromises

The national League, for its part, needs to project the costs of a return to work in two or four cities.

The owners have discussed and have made known their states of mind, but the one who is calling the shots is Gary Bettman. He realizes that the task is colossal and that it will be necessary to make compromises. And for several reasons.

  • What are the governments and the health professionals who will decide.
  • How will there be three games per day in the same amphitheater and testing mandatory health ?
  • It will also be necessary to ensure that after each match, the sanitary measures are taken for the safety of athletes and people working in the entourage of the teams involved.

Was it really the winning conditions ? Maybe. But those who decide are not the owners or even the skaters.

Arbitration and contracts

The protocol return-to-work holds the attention, but behind the scenes, the players Association and the owners of the national League are continuing discussions with respect to the convention that binds the two groups.

It may stir. The owners do not want more of the arbitration unless one indicates to the judge that he must make a choice between the offer of the employer and demand wage of the athlete. Currently, the referee can solve the problem by dividing the total of the two offers.

Another point that the owners do not like to, the contracts of several seasons. They would prefer a maximum of five years, and the autonomy to 30 years. The players are totally in disagreement.

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