Winter Olympics 2018. Female race of the Olympic games moved to Thursday due to strong wind gusts

Women’s individual race at the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang will not take place today due to the weather conditions.

 Зимова Олімпіада-2018. Жіноча гонка Олімпіади перенесена на четвер через сильні пориви вітру

This is reported by the Rus.Media.

Weather has made adjustments to the calendar OI.

“Through strong gusts of wind women’s individual race postponed until tomorrow. Forecasters predicted gusts stronger than 15 meters per second,” – said in a message on Twitter IBU.

Ukraine will be represented by Irina varvynets and Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Jim and Valya Semerenko.

Vita Semerenko not participate in the race to rest before the mass start and relay races.

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