Winter Olympics 2018! The performance of Ukrainians in Pyeongchang

The Ukrainian national team in Pyeongchang represented by 33 athletes in nine sports.

Зимова Олімпіада 2018!  Результати виступів українців у Пхенчхані

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Зимова Олімпіада 2018!  Результати виступів українців у Пхенчхані

The Ukrainian team began their performances at the winter Games of the XXIII Olympiad, reports Rus.Media.

Recall Ukrainian national team in Pyeongchang represented by 33 athletes in nine sports.

9 Feb

Tatyana Petrova took the last place in the first qualifying rounds in the moguls

10 Feb

Tatiana Antipenko and Marina Antsibor finished outside the top ten in fourth scallon

In our women’s biathlon team failed sprint, the best was Vita Semerenko, who finished 14th

Andrew Manzi and Anton Dukach was unable to break into the top 20 in the first two races on a single sled

11 Feb

Ukrainian skier Alexey Krasovsky was unable to finish in scotlan through the backlog more than a lap behind the leaders.

Ukrainian Priscilla Tatyana Petrova finished his speech, speaking badly in the second qualification.

The best among Ukrainian biathletes in the sprint race at 10 km Dmitry Pidruchny only 21 minutes.

Ukrainian Luge Anton Dukach and Andrew Manzi took 23rd and 40th place respectively.

12 Feb

Victor Pasechnik took 20-th place of the first attempts in the Nordic combined.

Biathlete Vita Semerenko and Anastasiya Merkushyna took the 18-th and 46-th lines, respectively in the pursuit.

Dmitry Improvised, pryma Artem and Sergey Semenov took respectively 34, 38 and 44 seats in the biathlon pursuit .

Sanochnitsy Elena Shumova and Olena Stetskiv has completed the first and second rounds in the singles competition .

13 Feb

Skier Ivan Kovbasiuk couldn’t get to the finish line in drugome the combination of the slalom.

Alexey Krasovsky and Andrey Orlik failed to qualify in ski racing.

Skier Marina Antsibor and Tatiana Antipenko did not get into the 1/4 final of the classic sprint.

Elena Shumova and Olena Stetskiv are unable to reach the final of the competition on a sled.

14 Feb

Victor Pasechnik showed the 36-th result in the ski jumping.

Vladislav Geraskevich showed the seventh result in the skeleton in practice.

Viktor Pasichnyk took 30 th place in the Nordic combined ski jumping.

Luge Alexander Obolochek and Roman Zacharkiw the two-man competition took the last 20-th place

15 Feb

Master skeleton Vladislav Geraskevich showed 14-th and 15-th scores on debut for Ukraine Games in the sport .

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