Wishes from Emmanuel Macron: change of course on vaccination

    Wishes from Emmanuel Macron: change of course on vaccination

    In the early morning of this end of the year, Axel Kahn was damn grumpy. “#It is not possible to be so counterproductive. The urgency of the situation requires that we accelerate vaccination in France, “grumbled the president of the League against cancer. But in the early evening and a wish granted with a few hours in advance of 2021, the tone of the famous geneticist became enthusiastic again. “#Ah, well, that’s good news! Finally! “He launches, pointing to a series of twelve messages posted by surprise on the social network Twitter by Olivier Véran. “The vaccination campaign will soon gain momentum,” wrote the Minister of Health, just two hours before the presidential address.

    A promise confirmed at 8:12 pm by Emmanuel Macron, during his New Year’s speech. “I will not let unjustified slowness take hold,” said the President of the Republic. Firm, determined, the tone is set. There is no longer, as explained these days, the time to wait. But there is no question of “playing with safety and the good conditions in which the vaccination must be done”, says an Emmanuel Macron praising a vaccine “that human genius has made happen in a year. “The hope is there”, he hammered.

    Only 332 people already vaccinated

    “To return to an optimistic, coherent speech, there were no other options”, reacts Axel Kahn. “Go slowly, go fast, no one understood anything, the president had to decide,” believes a doctor familiar with the files.

    Because in recent days, the controversy has swelled. If Mauricette, the “pioneer” of 78 years, sent, according to Macron “a message of hope against obscurantism and conspiracy” by receiving the first injection of Pfizer in France, since … patatras. Only 332 people received the vaccine, according to the CovidTracker site of data specialist Guillaume Rozier, or 0.0005% of the population. Meanwhile, Germany – where the campaign began at the same time as France – has immunized 80,000 people, Italy more than 9,000.

    “Every Frenchman who wishes it must be able to be vaccinated”, assured Emmanuel Macron. LP / Arnaud Journois

    So there you have it, as of this Monday, change of course, time is for acceleration and an extension of the rules. “#Caregivers aged 50 and over who so wish can be vaccinated in centers that already have vaccines,” said Olivier Véran. “#It was essential! Protecting them, on the front line, is also protecting us “, exclaims Axel Kahn, who calls for” one more effort “, extending the measure” to all caregivers, regardless of age “.

    During his vows, the President assured that “every Frenchman who wishes it must be able to be vaccinated, in a safe way and in the right order, starting with those who present the most risk” Vaccination centers will open before February in town to immunize those over 75, then over 65.

    No serious side effects

    The elements provided by the ANSM, the drug gendarme in France, may have finally convinced the government. The Public Agency has published its first adverse reaction monitoring report. Apart from fatigue and pain in the area of ​​the bite, “no serious and / or unexpected effect has been observed,” she concludes, basing herself on her 31 monitoring centers located in hospitals in the territory.

    Wishes from Emmanuel Macron: change of course on vaccination

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    “It remains to be seen whether we will have sufficient doses, supply issues are always delicate”, raises Professor Rémi Salomon, representing doctors from the Hospitals of Paris. But, he continues, “during this crisis, we showed that we could do the impossible, so we will continue with the vaccines”.

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