With a little pinky, but a big Ego: how to determine the character of a person’s fingers

С маленьким мизинцем, но большим Эго: как определить характер человека по пальцам руки

Few people know that much about a person’s character can tell his fingers, namely, the position of the little finger. First, this statement may seem ridiculous, but this research technique is surprisingly effective, because it demonstrates the correct results. We invite you to see this in person!
Look at the picture and determine what kind of personality you belong to.

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1. You have a private person who seeks to appear strong and independent that in fact is not so.+

2. Characterized by high emotionality. Feel comfortable only with close friends.+

3. Do not tolerate deception, lies, and hypocritical attitude.+

4. All others seem to be cold-blooded, despite the eruption of inner emotion.+

5. To your advantages can not be attributed to patience.+

6. You are quite good man seeking to help others.+

7. You love to have fun and laugh.+

8. With strangers you are stealth, but with loved ones — you are quite emotional.+

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1. You will not make the first move towards another person.+

2. Characterized by loyalty and devotion. Always remember about your lover.+

3. Try to seem strong and indifferent, though at heart you are extremely sensitive.

4. Much afraid of pain that can cause people close to you. Trying to seem cold, but constantly think of those who are dear to you.+

5. Characterized by stress.

6. With great responsibility come to the various cases, always bring them to the end.+

The View From

1. In conflict situations, quickly retreat, do not have a grudge.+

2. You don’t like new and strange things.+

3. Other people’s opinion respected.+

4. Often in the debate You are wrong, but to apologize for you not a problem.+

5. Do not share your feelings and problems with others.+

6. Speak directly about what I think. Make every effort to ensure that you could rely on and trust you.+

Undoubtedly, each person is unique in their own way, however, presents types allow you to specify some distinctive traits of your character. Isn’t it?

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