With cancer, Gagnon would have liked to “settle his accounts”

It is an individual who would fight against cancer that is accused of the premeditated murder of Éric Lavoie, a father of two children from Sherbrooke.

P everal sources confirm this fact, and no one denies the assumption of the motive of the crime where Pascal Gagnon wanted to “settle accounts” with his former business partner before continuing his fight against the disease.

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At the home of the 49-year-old accused, his wife did not want to answer any questions to help understand the first murder in Sherbrooke in the past five years.

“I do not want to know anything,” said the woman obviously affected by the events with her red eyes and tears on her face slamming the door of his residence.

Pascal Gagnon was accused Tuesday at the Sherbrooke courthouse of having shot Erick Lavoie with a gun late Monday night on the rue de Bordeaux, in the former village of Rock Forest.

Gagnon served as treasurer of Érick Lavoie Informatique from 2012 to 2016.

Curtains drawn, some cans of beer on the balcony, surveillance camera, Gagnon’s residence in the Borough of Brompton was searched by the investigators following the murder in the Rock Forest area.

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