With disheveled hair and bare belly: amber heard in the movie Run Away With Me

Amber Heard

With a plate of food in hand, flip-flops, tight jeans, short red top, and smeared on the face with a mascara — like this 31-year-old amber heard appeared yesterday on the streets of Los Angeles. This way the star tried not by chance — she is now in the movie Run Away With Me.

About the picture with the actress, which after parting with former lover Elon Musk decided to focus on the work while not much information (in the Russian hire the film is not even received an official name). We only know that this is a romantic crime Thriller, the plot of which arrived in Paris an American falls in love with a model (her, apparently, and will play Hurd), and then they have to get acquainted with the criminal world of the fashion business in Europe.

Who has made the company the actress on the set is also a big issue. In addition to her in starring roles yet no one appears.

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