With or without supporters, Perron will be the same

Avec ou sans partisans, Perron sera le même

The attacker Blues St. Louis ‘ David Perron has changed its stance on the lack of supporters in the stands.

“From the beginning, I was not warm to the idea of playing without fans,” expressed the Quebec Thursday, during a conference call with the media.

Perron was, however, realized that he did not need the encouragement of the crowd to perform.

“Growing up, I played so many tournaments with almost nobody in the stands, even summer tournaments. People who know me well know that I increase my intensity level to the standards of the NHL, that there are supporters or not in the stands”, he said.

“I think that people will be intense, continued the native of Sherbrooke. Once all of this begins, we will win, we will realize the importance of the matches, we see how the guys are working hard, that you realize how to recover and determination, this will be interesting. The intensity will be there.”

Happy to see Tarasenko

Perron has also used his interview with the journalists to express his happiness to find her teammate Vladimir Tarasenko.

The Russian has played only 10 games this season, and this, because of an injury to a shoulder. It should be able to be training his to the playoffs.

“This is a player who can change the match alone, said Perron. It takes sometimes one or two opportunities to achieve and that is all. He may know a game more difficult at times, but he is still a player that the other team needs to monitor. It will probably be the best defenders against his trio”.

The veteran of 32 years, however, believes that his team could cope without the maverick Russian.

“We were able to prove, this year, we were able to win in his absence and was also seen last year in the playoffs, with big goals from our fourth trio,” said Perron.

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