With temporary layoffs at Just for laughs

MONTREAL – The pandemic of COVID-19 does not spare the Just for laughs Group, which announced on Thursday, have had to make, the day before, to the temporary layoff of more than three-quarters of its workforce.

These layoffs affect both the artists and employees-permanent, temporary and contract of the company, has told in a press release.

“Before a situation is evolving quickly and becoming more and more critical to our industry and our company, we had to take all the necessary measures in order to stabilize our situation and ensure the sustainability of our business,” said Charles Décarie, president and ceo of the Just for laughs Group. We are currently working hard to ensure that all can come back when the storm finally passed. Because if unfortunately, we need to proceed to these strict measures, it is of course to protect jobs in the future. Thus, we would like to thank all of our employees and colleagues for their great resilience and understanding. Their confidence we will come out even stronger from this situation.”

The chain of francophone comedy Just for laughs streaming, available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, however, continues to offer videos to entertain the public in these difficult times.

Tuesday, Just for laughs, had announced, in the circumstances, the cancellation of the production of the musical “Kinky Boots”, which was to be presented in Montreal, then in Quebec, during the summer. Staged by Serge Postigo (such as “Mamma Mia!”, “Fame”, “Footloose” and “Mary Poppins”, the other musicals summer proposed by Just for laughs in recent years), the show began to take shape when the wave of COVID-19 began to spread in Quebec. The distribution had not yet been unveiled, but the rehearsals were about to begin. It was a first adaptation in French for “Kinky Boots”.

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