With the Mobile Museum, art reaches a large audience, even when museums are closed

    With the Mobile Museum, art reaches a large audience, even when museums are closed

    FIGARO TOMORROW – While museums are closed and school trips limited due to Vigipirate, the Mobile Museum truck continues to crisscross rural or peri-urban areas to meet students and populations far removed from culture.

    “If you don’t come to art, art will come to you”: to paraphrase a famous phrase, this is the bet of the Mobile Museum, says MuMo. While for the past six weeks, museums have been closed, culture continues to exhibit itself. At the rate of four regions per year, the MuMo truck tirelessly pursues its route to raise awareness of contemporary art in populations far from culture.

    Starting with the children. Despite the ban on school trips because of Vigipirate, the Mobile Museum truck goes to meet students from rural or peri-urban schools. Thanks to the partnerships established with the Regional Contemporary Art Funds (FRAC) and the National Center for Plastic Arts, an exhibition by region is concocted, reflecting the identity of the territory’s public collections and adapted to visitors, such as the exhibition “Objectif land ”which has just ended in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. Not only do children visit the exhibition in the truck, but activities carried out by the educational team take place before the visit.

    With the Mobile Museum, art reaches a large audience, even when museums are closed

    Each visit is accompanied by upstream entertainment. MuMo

    Beyond schools, the initiative targets a wider audience, far from cultural infrastructures or “Who does not dare to cross the doors of a museum because he does not have the codes”. The truck is therefore installed regularly during the holidays in the village square, where parents, grandparents and all the inhabitants are invited to open days.

    “Art is what makes life more interesting than art”: the founder of MuMo Ingrid Brochard likes to quote robert Filliou: for her, who has “Not been in contact with the works, child”, it is this encounter with populations far from culture that is important. After having set up a cosmetics company, created the contemporary art magazine BC and hosted a contemporary art show on C8, the young woman began by setting up an exhibition at her home in Touraine, where she invited “the cream of the crop”. cream ”by contemporary art artists. It was while attending this confrontation of the two worlds, these renowned artists and her baker, that this idea came to her, with the memory of the Bibliobus that she watched as a child, to throw herself on the books as she passed.

    With the Mobile Museum, art reaches a large audience, even when museums are closed

    Ingrid Brochard, the founder of MuMo, watched as a child for the Bibliobus to throw herself on the books as soon as it passed. MuMo

    Bet won: 60% of people visiting MuMo have never set foot in a museum before. Since its creation in 2011, 20,000 people a year from seven countries in Europe and Africa have discovered works of art there.

    Partnership with the Center Pompidou

    After a first truck, three years ago, the MuMo, laureate of the La France Commitment Foundation, receives the means to design a new truck, more suited to the conservation of works. It will be the work of designer Matali Crasset. Today, a new step is about to be taken by the MuMo, thanks to a partnership with the Center Pompidou. A new exhibition, “The animals come out of their reserve”, designed with the centre’s collections, will shoot in the Paris region from January 7. And Art Explora – the foundation created by Webhelp co-founder Frédéric Jousset – will finance the design of a new truck dedicated specifically to the centre’s works, which will begin to circulate from 2021.

    More generally, MuMo is funded both by sponsorship (Bolloré, Total, Daniel and Nina Carasso, Macif, PSA-Citroën and even Safran foundations) as well as subsidies from the Ministry of Culture and local authorities. Enough to allow him to continue to awaken many children to contemporary art.

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