With whom Alexander Usyk Boxing next?

С кем Александру Усику боксировать дальше?

Oleksandr Usyk made his debut in the heavyweight category, beating Cassa Witherspoon. Win early, but what to do next and how to fight against the giants and did not. Try to understand what perspective Alexander in the near future.

From the title?

Due to the rules Alexander WBO official Challenger for the world title in a new weight category with the first duel. In addition, the ratings of other organizations immediately put the Moustache in your top 5, so you can fight for the world title almost immediately. But whether it is Alexander?

Many agree that the Ukrainians need a normal check. Chazz is certainly good, but the opponents were not prepared to fight at all. Four days, two of which – weighing and open training – too little to fight Usikov. Even Spong, to which a lot of people were skeptical, it seemed more serious opponent.

С кем Александру Усику боксировать дальше?

Boxing Scene. Oleksandr Usyk vs Chuck Witherspoon

Whether after this debut fight immediately out on the title? WBO is now in the hands of Andy Ruiz, but in December, this and other belt to challenge Anthony Joshua in revenge. In addition, Kubrat Pulev the first right to fight for the title. He is the mandatory Challenger for the IBF title and, it seems, is the first Bulgarian will face the winner of the Ruiz – Joshua.

Title chance but the Tendril still can get. His promoter Eddie Hearn said several times that the fight will be for the vacant title of world champion under version WBO. Why he will become vacant, is not entirely clear, but apparently Eddie had a plan to do it. Thus the Tendril can to fight for the title, but against another opponent.

This option seems even more – there will be time to settle into superteach without going immediately to the current Champions. Although, judging by the Mustache, he’s ready to fight the biggest opponents right now.

But can solve with a Bullet, who will fight for all the titles?

Another option is to meet with Kubrat Bullet, which also claims to fight against the winner of Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz. The Bulgarian should have to fight for the title, defend the title, and recently won a sparring partner Alexander Rydell Booker.

Pulev dominated all ten rounds, but to get an early victory failed. The match against the winner of the Joshua Ruiz almost certainly will be for all the titles in the heavyweight division, except for WBC (which is in the hands Deontay Wilder), so why not challenge that right in a fight against a skilled heavyweight?

С кем Александру Усику боксировать дальше?

Boxing Scene. Kubrat Pulev

Kubrat life boxes in this category, has fought the best and even slightly above the Mustache, has long arms – more than two meters. And at the Olympics Alexander defeated his brother Tervel, so you can and personal history to bring to this, if you want.

Bulgarian, of course, is not the fastest fighter, and if against Klitschko he was able to give my maximum, but then fall in a brutal knockout, but now he doesn’t look as dangerous. This fight is a great experience in the new category and the opportunity to close some of the questions. At least those connected with overcoming the difference in the length of the arms when the fists very difficult to go in goal.

Anyway, a fair result: winner goes to battle for almost all the titles in the heavyweight division. If there are two strong contenders, why not decide who is stronger?

Why not a mid-combat?

Many are advised Alexander not to rush. Chazz left a few marks on the face of the Mustache, but it’s not terrible. The problem with that he showed Barb the maximum battle in superteach. When the opponent is not just hard beats, but also does not bend under your pace.

С кем Александру Усику боксировать дальше?

Boxing Scene. Derek Chisora

On the other hand, this option can be combined with the first: and staging the fight in terms of what the Barbel does not climb directly on the main boxers of the division, and the fight for the title, which then have to be to participate in this showdown with the giants.

Derek Chisora is the main candidate for such a match. He has long talks in the direction of the Tendril, trying to provoke that response, and yet again in great shape. Only this year he knocked out Arthur Pin and David price. The first and does very cruel.

Eddie Hearn and David Haye say that the team of Alexander agree to a fight, and the first even says that the duel can go for the title and, most likely, in London. They love the one against the other, any arena is filled and the air will get electrified. exactly to the limit.

A good option if the Barbel want to test themselves under these heavy blows, which do not cease to fly after the first hit. The fight will not be easy.

Two more options in the face of Jarrel Miller and Dillian white, which Hiro will be easy to negotiate, and which need to be washed from doping scandals. With the first you can fight in America, with the second best in the UK. Both are great guys with a heavy blow and a desire to prove that the previous victory was not only injections and tablets.

In the end, there is a third, most unlikely test with large opponents like David price, Joseph Joyce and Robert Helenius. Unlikely, because the first one lost, second is not allowed to antennae and Vice versa, as it is a good match in a year or two, and a third, all quickly forget. But as the test super. Alexander beat the big guys at WSBB (even the same Joe Joyce), but there are other rules, different number of rounds, the gloves are softer and liability lower. It would be interesting.

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