Without human activities, the lions siestent on the roads

Sans activités humaines, les lions siestent sur les routes

Without tourists and human activities, the lions of South Africa will allow you to take a nap in the open.

A horde of lions has been sighted on Wednesday in the process of “sunbathing” on the asphalt of a road in the Kruger national park, closed to the public since the 25th of march, according to CNN.

“This afternoon, they were lying on a paved road just outside of the rest camp of Orpen” wrote park in a tweet, accompanied by photos taken by ranger Richard Sowry.

The cats like to sleep on the warm surfaces, but venture a little out of their territory in normal times. The eleven individuals are originating in the private park of Kempiana, an area forbidden to visitors.

“Lie down on the road during the day is unusual because, under normal circumstances, there would be traffic and this leads them to stay in the bush,” said the spokesperson for the park Isaac Phaahla to CNN.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the wild animals will take little by little possession of the areas of human, deserted due to the containment, research, often of food, such as goats right in the city centre, Wales, deer in the suburbs of paris or further alligators in Porto Velho, Brazil.

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