Without palm oil and milk powder: revolution in the market of milk



From 1 July in Russia began to operate the new rules on the sale of dairy products. Natural and milk products now must be on different shelves and should have appropriate labels and price tags. What dairy products are healthier? To this question, the TV channel “MIR 24” said the candidate of medical Sciences, therapist-nutritionist Larisa Tabachnikov.

Larissa Tabachnikov: As a buyer I’m glad. As a doctor, is also strongly welcome. Because people should understand, it consumes really a natural product or a surrogate.

Larissa Tabachnikov: it’s much more difficult. Attitude towards vegetable oils is now not so clear. Completely changed my views on the usefulness or poleznosti natural animal fat, particularly fat from cow’s milk. In principle, the butter and cow’s whole milk is quite helpful and should be used. Palm oil is a special case. It is all natural, high quality, and then it in some degree useful. Come cheap technical. A lot of legends, myths built up – we never know what kind of oil lay in the products. There is always this question, so I am a supporter of natural. Let in cow’s milk will be butter, not palm.

Larissa Tabachnikov: I’ve got to think, I want to buy cheap product and put up with the fact that it put, or still buy the more expensive product, but I need to be sure that there is no palm oil, no milk powder that is a product of natural origin.

Larissa Tabachnikov: It is technological and therefore loses some of the medicinal properties. To some extent it may be, and milk, but not as useful as natural. I would like to understand, we buy a product of natural or historical range of technological processes, processing stages. Well, I think that it will be at least visibly, and we can choose.

Larissa Tabachnikov: Let’s choose. Maybe I will agree to buy a pound of cheese instead of a kilo, but the quality. Eat less, but I realize that I consume.