Wives, children and nephews. What is government in the United States

Жены, дети и племянники. Как устроена власть в США

Imagine the news headline “In Russia, the grandson of Khrushchev, using populist rhetoric, cunningly won the presidential elections for progressive and liberal candidate from the forces of light – the former wife of the President Svetlana Medvedev.”

Imagine the history of the USSR and modern Russia in about this option. “First, the rules of Lenin. Then – Stalin. Then Khrushchev. By the way – he was married to the daughter of Lenin. Then Brezhnev – Stalin’s grandson. Then brother rules Khrushchev – named Gorbachev. And then the nephew Brezhnev was democratically elected by the people and became known as the lucky ruler.”

Somehow not very much it seems and sounds outright bizarre? There is no way, you say? Why does not happen. In a well-known country recently billionaire defeated progressive candidate – part-time wife of the former President. A little earlier in the same country, came to power a true thinker – and by coincidence the son of the former President of this country. Thinker people remember the brilliant phrase – “Our enemy is strong. But we are strong. The enemies are all the time thinking about how to harm our country – but we also all the time think about it!”.

But it’s the present, these events are uncommon. How to construct the power in the same America, for example? That’s no joke how?

To this question I would like to meet a simple and life example.The case today we touched on a little bit – well, let’s take things past. Take the man whose name many in our country are familiar with. Allen DULLES – one read about it as the legendary first Director of the CIA. Others have heard about him as the Creator of the mythical “DULLES plan” – the alleged secret Memorandum cunning collapse of the Soviet Union. Well, while others read about him in books about Stirlitz – there was a storyline that Stirlitz was to disrupt the negotiations of this DULLES with the top of the third Reich.

So – Allen DULLES. That we are told about this man? The Director of the CIA. And his older brother worked as a Secretary of state. If our analogy to take – as if the brother of foreign Minister Lavrov headed the FSB and covert operations with different countries was conducted. Maternal grandfather of Allen – that’s a coincidence, too, U.S. Secretary of state worked. If our counterparts to translate – the Minister of foreign Affairs Lavrov, one grandson is also Minister of foreign Affairs became – and another grandson was headed by the FSB. Oh yeah – the uncle of the wife of Allen, too, believe it or not, worked with U.S. Secretary of state. Our counterparts – the grandson of the Minister of foreign Affairs Lavrov became Minister of foreign Affairs, and the other the grandson of the FSB, headed and married the niece of another Minister of foreign Affairs.

It’s almost like an old anecdote. When the son comes to the General and asked.

Dad, I’m a Colonel when you grow up?

Of course you will, son, you are smart, you’ll go far.

The father, and to the General I would make?

Of course, son, you’re a tenacious guy, with time and generals will be released!

Dad and I become a Marshal?

No, son, the Marshal also has a son.

The old anecdote – but drat, we see the national post, the three most important in the country, what is called family is not going away. Three generations of the family and all on this post. Well, except posts of lower grade – such as the Director of the CIA.

Oh yeah – Wikipedia modestly write that had three children at DULLES. The son was badly injured in the Korean war and the rest of his life was incapacitated. About daughters not to write anything. But at least one daughter married a prominent Austrian politician (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Molden ), who at first Secretary IO the Austrian foreign Minister (!!!), as well as the largest Austrian publisher.

Then the daughter of divorced DULLES – soon to marry one of the Austrian top diplomat. Yes – the diplomat it was no less the son of the former Austrian Chancellor (https://erenow.net/modern/the-devils-chessboard-allen-dulles-the-cia/7.php).

Well, let’s stop this series of dynastic facts, and some conclusions will do. What essentially we see? We see the story of the aristocratic family. The noble family. Noble family in a feudal country. Because the country where the position inherited and to a position to take, you must first be a noble man with a good pedigree – this is a feudal country. It is possible with great difficulty to believe that two members of the same family in the public service to succeed – and that no one especially in such coincidences do not believe such facts is called nepotism, tribalism and even tougher. But when 4 generations of the same family at the highest Ministerial positions are working with the brac people whose parents or they themselves are in roughly the same positions in your country or in foreign countries is a caste society. As it was called in the Constitution and in whatever form were not declared in the election. This is a caste society, with a fairly rigid structure.

For illustration – consider the elections in the United States in recent years. So far to go – take the last 20 years only, and before that just give a reference.

1988 – defeated the elder Bush.

1992 – Clinton (husband).

1996 – Clinton (husband).

2000 – George W. Bush, son of Bush. He won at the Mountain. Mountains – the son of a Senator, a man of 18 years in the Senate meeting.

2004. The victory of Bush. He defeated John Kerry. Carrie one of his ancestors was a speaker (!!) chamber of Congress. Relatives is also a long chain of governors. This man married a woman from the list of Forbes, the head of the Empire of Heinz ketchup.

2008. Barack Obama defeats Senator McCain. What’s great about Senator McCain? In the US, now even a combat ship has the same name. But – named in honor of the father of this defunct Senator, Admiral. Yes – dad Admiral was also an Admiral. Married to the daughter of a beer tycoon, one of the richest at that time people in the United States.

2012. Barack Obama wins at MITT Romney. Romney is the son of the Governor. Daddy Romney at the time also tried to run for President, but at a preliminary stage, he lost to Nixon.

2016. Donald trump wins Clinton (a woman). With Clinton and her family ties, we can understand, and who is this trump? From the biography we learn that, for example, the older sister of tramp was a judge of the court of Appeals for the third circuit of the United States, and that the jurisdiction of the court was more than half (!!!) all public corporations in the U.S., and there understand a complex commercial case. As the father of trump, a wealthy businessman, was estimated at $ 300 million in 1999.

Well, the attentive reader will notice that I bypassed the silence of Barack Obama. Conspiracy blogs of Russian emigrants I’ve read that Obama is the illegitimate son of Kennedy, and that only because of this he is in politics and entered. But – this version is in no way confirmed, so right anecdote can be considered. Answer by Obama I do not. Man appears almost out of nowhere (the work of the community organizera) becomes a Senator and then President. It would be possible to breed conspiracy theories here – but I won’t. Note that here we see an interesting exception that confirms the rule rather.

Well – good or bad, when seemingly declared democracy and equality, but in reality elect sons and wives? It is neither good nor bad – it is rather a hint that the real world is much different than is commonly believed.

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