FOOTBALL Leader of its group, the northern club will travel this Wednesday (9 p.m.) to the Germans in Wolfsburg for its last group match in the Champions League

 Wolfsburg-Losc: Lille knew it was impossible so he did it ... Relive the qualification of Losc in the round of 16 of the Champions League

Ikoné and Lille against Wolfsburg – Martin Meissner/AP/SIPA Update Show only highlights

This is the end of this live and this crazy evening in Lille. Tomorrow morning you will find papers on this beautiful northerner qualifying which we have not finished talking about. Excellent evening. all and BRAVO LE LOSC & nbsp; !!!

22h54 & nbsp;: & nbsp; Lille will be fixed; on his fate on Monday during the draw planned & agrave; noon in Switzerland. His potential opponents in the 8th are: Chelsea, Atletico, Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, Inter and Villareal or Atalanta Bergamo. Not bad at all.

10:53 pm : & nbsp; & laquo; It was not easy. It's hard & agrave; realize but we knew that if we passed, we would go down in history & raquo;, savored Jo David at the microphone of Canal +

22h51 & nbsp ;: Magnificent performance of the Northerners, first of their group with 11 points. A 3rd victory in a row in the Champions League and participation in the European top 16 It & rsquo; s fantastic.


90th: 3 minutes & agrave; enjoy more

89th: Wolfsburg reduces the mark but we don't care: & nbsp; LILLE IS IN 8TH OF FINAL & nbsp;

88th: David very close to the 4th. Wolfsburg gets humiliated on his lawn. & Nbsp;

87th: Reminds me of my reaction when the toss fell: & nbsp; I believed it not a single moment. At the same time, I also thought that Hulot was going to present himself and win the presidential of 2022 #flair

84th & nbsp;: & nbsp; Le Losc is therefore qualified; and first of his group. Very big performance of the Northerners who will therefore receive the return to the round of 16. It & rsquo; is always good & agrave; take.

82nd & nbsp;: & nbsp; Lille close to fourth after a new raid by Ikon & eacute ;. Message to burglars: & nbsp; quickly return his watches or he will catch up with you.

81st: Lille will therefore be at the rendezvous of European spring, 15 years after its last appearance in the city. this level. The Northerners have more than done honor & agrave; their status as reigning French champion.

80th & nbsp;: & nbsp; What entry in game Angel Gomes The kid comes in, offers a pass of & rsquo; and plant a goal in five minutes. Splendid


77th & nbsp ;: Thought & agrave; Gourvennec, ultra critical; by Lille supporters & agrave; his arrival in July after the departure of Galtier. The guy will become the second coach in the history of the club (after Puel) & agrave; send the Losc to the top 16 in Europe. Nice revenge.

75th & nbsp;: & nbsp; Lille will play a round of 16 in the Champions League. You have to pinch yourself to believe it. Who would have believed it 2 months ago when the Northerners had only taken 2 points in 3 games. It's crazy

73rd: David's cool in front of the goal after a magnificent serve from Angel Gomes who had just come into play. How beautiful, how good, how big. Well done the LOSC


70th: & nbsp; Come on, more than 20 minutes & agrave; hold on to go to 8th in the Champions League. Must hold on. & Nbsp;

66th & nbsp;: & nbsp; & Ccedil; has started & agrave; feel the K.O. on both sides. Should still get started? l & rsquo; arbi rapido c & ocirc; t & eacute; northerner just to avoid false scares.

64th & nbsp;: & nbsp; What an opportunity; for the Losc. Ikon & eacute; get a badly cleared balloon, give David who delivers & agrave; Yilmaz in the area but the Turk misses. Too bad.

61st: It's getting hotter in the northern area. The Germans are very urgent. & Nbsp;

57th: Mbabu, the Mbapp & eacute; Switzerland, hurts Lille in its hallway. & nbsp;

52nd & nbsp;: & nbsp; IKONEEEEE. What a stroke of brilliance from Lille who colds everyone and sees his strike narrowly shot by Casteels. We were not far from the 2nd.

51st & nbsp;: & nbsp; To say that we did not give a damn about the European performances of Losc there & rsquo; not even two months. The guys are shutting their mouths.

50th & nbsp;: & nbsp; Reinildo's big job in his left lane. & Ccedil; pleased.

47th & nbsp ;: Andr & eacute; gets treatment on the lawn after receiving a hit from Guilavogui in a duel for nothing.

46th : & nbsp; Here we go again. 45 minutes & agrave; hold! & nbsp;

22:00: & nbsp; The two teams return to the pitch. We review the opportunities of the first half and we realize that Losc is in the process of committing a hold-up. An opportunity, a goal. It's beautiful but it's not over

45th & nbsp ;: It's half time. Lille is in front thanks to & agrave; Yilmaz This is good. More than 45 minutes & agrave; hold to celebrate qualifying in 8th. We believe in & nbsp ;!

44th : & nbsp; We make all the balloons aside; Lille. & nbsp; Attention

42nd & nbsp ;: Come on, we hold on until & rsquo; half-time. It would be too stupid to take one now even if it stinks.

40th & nbsp;: & nbsp; Another scare in front of the Lille goal with a cross from Mbabu taken over by Weghorst. Fortunately, this is & rsquo; side.

38th & nbsp;: & nbsp; Ah well no, there is nothing according to the reference. Genial, even Maradona's hand was less obvious. It & rsquo; s the evening of Lille it looks like.

37th & nbsp;: & nbsp; Ouch, aie, aie. I saw a big Lille hand from Andr & eacute; in the box The referee hasn't said anything yet, but he hasn't yet consulted. the VAR. & Ccedil; smells bad

34th: & nbsp; The Yilmaz directos free kick in the arms of the German goalkeeper

32nd & nbsp;: & nbsp; Attention, attention, Wolfsburg is more and more pressing around the Lille goal.

28th & nbsp;: & nbsp; OUH LA LA. Nice scare on this free kick from Wolfsburg taken over by Weghorst. Grbic is vigilant.

26th & nbsp ;: Lille is managing rather well its advantage for the moment against & agrave; Germans not too dangerous. & nbsp; But gaffe & agrave; not too quickly to get carried away.

22nd & nbsp; Hats off! Ikon & eacute; by the way. Decisive on the Lille goal, the striker was robbed on Monday evening with an estimated prejudice; & agrave; 250,000 euros. Solid in the head of Lille.

20th & nbsp ;: They are in the game my Ch & rsquo; tis sure. Okay, no player in the squad is Northerner but still.

18th & nbsp;: & nbsp; Already & agrave; a yellow for Fonte. The captain will have to stand & agrave; Diamond the rest of the game. Attention

16th & nbsp;: & nbsp; We're not going to get carried away because there is still a lot of time left but for the moment Lille is in 8th with the first place of the group as a bonus.

14th & nbsp ;: Lacking confidence for several weeks, Yilmaz has just answered & agrave; its tractors. The Kral is l & agrave; when the stakes are huge.

13th & nbsp ;: It's good for Lille to take orders so quickly. One action, one goal. Clean, lethal. Now, you have to hold on

12th & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Watch out, the German answer with a strike from Waldschmidt which barely passes. next to it. Phew

11th: LOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSCCCC BUUUUUUUTTTTTT. YILMAZ !!!!! & nbsp; Ikon's supesonic counter who serves Burak in the box. It's good & ccedil; a. & Nbsp;

10th: & nbsp; For the moment, the Losc leaves the ball to the Germans quite a bit. Attention & agrave; don't fall asleep. & nbsp;

7th & nbsp ;: Good start to the game for Gudmunsson in an unusual left-midfielder position. As long as & ccedil; lasts.

6th & nbsp;: & nbsp; The Lille finally enter the German camp. Too bad Yilmaz's ghost misses his pass. surface entrance.

4th & nbsp ;: Apparently Wolfsburg is playing higher than expected. It's good to prepare for a match for two weeks and realize that the opponent has bluffed.

2nd & nbsp;: & nbsp; Well, not even a minute of play and already; a German offensive. My heart will not hold.

1st: Here we go. GO TO LOSC !!!!

8:57 p.m. & nbsp;: & nbsp; The LDC & rsquo; anthem resounds in a stadium where & ugrave; there are only 6,000 spectators in the end.

8:55 pm & nbsp ;: To go to the eighth, the Losc will once again count on its striker Jonathan David, best director of the League 1 & agrave; only 21 years old. We fired the portrait of this Canadian star

& nbsp;

20h53 & nbsp;: On the other hand in terms of atmosphere, & ccedil; & rsquo; & rsquo; & ecirc; being very dead tonight. Due to the Covid which is strong in Germany, no Losc supporters and only 30% of the stadium tonnage. Suddenly, & agrave; barely 10,000 spectators are expected in the Volkswagen Arena

8:51 pm & nbsp;: & nbsp; For the sake of form because we hardly know anyone, here is the composition from Wolfsburg which has won & rsquo; since 5 matches in all competitions. Provided the series lasts, it will be synonymous with qualifying for Lille. Conversely, if the Wolves win, they will go to the round of 16.

& nbsp;

8:49 pm: For this match & agrave; life & agrave; death, Gourvennec is private; of Weah (injured) and of Xeka and Bamba (suspended). Surprise in his usual 4-4-2, Gudmunsson's presence as a left midfielder as the Swede is an expert fullback. The rest is classic. & Nbsp;

& nbsp;

8:48 p.m. & nbsp;: & nbsp; To put it simply & nbsp;:

-If Lille wins, qualified and first of the group.

-If Lille draws a draw, qualifi & eacute; and first if Salzburg does not beat S & eacute; ville in the other group game. Second in any other case.

-If Lille loses, eliminated of the Champions League but reverse & oacute; in 16th in the Europa League (not the same anyway).

8:46 pm & nbsp;: & nbsp; 15 years after its sole participation & agrave; this level, Lille has never been; also close to returning to the knockout stages of the Champions League. A victory and even a draw are enough for the Mastiffs to join the European top 16.

8:45 pm: Good evening & agrave; everyone and welcome to experience this great Losc match (we hope). & nbsp;

Live or die. This Wednesday & agrave; Wolfsburg, Losc plays its future in the Champions League & agrave; double or quits. A win or a draw in Germany and the northern club will qualify; for the round of 16 of the competition for the second time in its history. Conversely, a defeat will precipitate the men of Gourvennec in the round of 16 of the Europa League. Not all & agrave; makes the same sporting and economic history. Leader of his group, Lille will start favorite among Germans lacking confidence. Except that Wolfsburg will be qualified; in case of victory against the Mastiffs. In short, a match & agrave; life & agrave; death & agrave; do not miss.