Woman sniper: Killing in war is not murder in civilian life

Женщина-снайпер: Убийство на войне — это совсем не убийство в гражданской жизни

© pinterest.ru Poet and essayist Anna Revyakin about that, which is called Lady Death in conversation with her successor.Exactly 45 years ago, October 27, 1974, at the fifty-ninth year of life died the legendary and most successful female sniper in world history, Lyudmila Pavlichenko. She destroyed 309 soldiers and officers. At the suggestion of American journalists were nicknamed Lady Death (eng. Lady Death).

Childhood and adolescence

Lyudmila Pavlichenko (nee Beebe) was born 12 Jul 1916 in Belaya Tserkov, Kiev province in the family locksmith Petrograd, Commissar of the regiment during the Civil war Mikhail Belova and Elena Belova. To 14 years Lyudmila studied in secondary school n 3 town of White Church, then with family moved to Kiev. After ninth grade, worked as szlifowania at the factory “Arsenal” and also studied in the tenth grade, completing secondary education.

In 1932, the life Lyudmila had changed, she married Alexey Pavlichenko and gave birth to a son Rostislav (died in 2007). Soon the family broke up, Lyudmila returned to her parents. The plant Pavlichenko made a career. Initially performed menial jobs, and then learned to be a Turner, and then became a draftsman. The youth in those years it was fashionable to acquire military specialty. The most popular use of the aviation sport. Lyudmila was afraid of heights, so I decided to try myself in shooting.On the first lesson she had hit the target, the success inspired her. Pavlichenko began to engage in small circle, successfully performed standards. In 1937, the girl arrived on historical faculty of the Kyiv state University of Taras Shevchenko, but sniper classes didn’t. Later Lyudmila invited to sniper school. Here she was among the best.

“And then came the war…”

Great Patriotic war found Pavlichenko in Kiev. In the seaside town, which soon was dominated by German and Romanian military forces, Ludmila was a resident, in his spare time he attended the local scientific library — wrote a thesis about the Pereiaslav Rada. Heard on the radio the announcement of the beginning of the war, a student of Kiev University went to the recruiting office. There, just by looking at the girl, said that doctors will call later. Explaining that she’s not a medic, and the sniper, no one wanted to hear. But five days later issued an order on conscription of graduates of the sniper circles. Pavlichenko was sworn in on June 28.

Женщина-снайпер: Убийство на войне — это совсем не убийство в гражданской жизни

© pinterest.Gina the front, Ludmila was without a rifle. Weapons the recruits were not given. It is simply not there. One day on her eyes killed the soldier. The rifle of the deceased was the first military weapons. As they say biographers Pavlichenko, shot it very accurately. In the first battles showed incredible results. Soon, she was issued a sniper rifle. There is information about the feat that made Ludmila in the early days of the defense of Odessa, a feat this somehow was not marked by the Soviet command. On the job it is for 15 minutes destroyed 16 of the Nazis. The second time Lyudmila made ten successful shots. Among the dead were two German officers.

In conversation with Uloi (a woman sniper from Donetsk) I asked if she believed in such an incredible performance Pavlichenko. By the way, Paulichenka for ula not to the idol, but the one that most Julia always wanted to be. 16 hits in fifteen minutes. Yula questioned: “it is Unlikely that 16 hits is a huge amount. It’s unlikely she was fired without sighting, but it still had a position change, and reloading takes time. I don’t have a wealth of experience shooting from Mosinki, but still on cooldown, for a change of position, aiming takes precious time. If the enemy was a solid wall, such efficiency could be thrashed at random, or her, or it. I’m on such a war was not. At us such could not be.”

Failed love

The staffing of wartime each rifle company was supposed to have two snipers. In December 1941 near Sebastopol, she met second Lieutenant Leonid Kitsenko, who served in the same regiment where she was. Kitsenko was also a sniper. On missions they were send together. After a short time, Leonid and Lyudmila filed a report command to the marriage, but in March 1942, the position of the snipers came under mortar fire and Leonid Kitsenko , was mortally wounded. Lyudmila itself carried the body of the groom from the battlefield.

Женщина-снайпер: Убийство на войне — это совсем не убийство в гражданской жизни

© kp.ru during the first months of the war and the defense of Odessa Lyudmila Pavlichenko destroyed 179 of the German and Romanian soldiers and officers. By June 1942, on account of the female sniper was already destroyed 309 confirmed officers and soldiers, including 36 enemy snipers. In June 1942, Pavlichenko was severely wounded, from the besieged Sevastopol was evacuated to the Caucasus, then completely withdrew from the front, sent with a delegation of Soviet youth in Canada and the United States. Ludmila had been on the receiving President Roosevelt, at the invitation of first lady Eleanor Roosevelt members of the Soviet delegation spent some time at the White house.

The heroic true story

25 October 1943 Lyudmila Pavlichenko was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

In his autobiographical book “a Heroic story” Lyudmila Pavlichenko wrote: “Hate teaching. She taught me how to kill enemies. I’m a sniper. Near Odessa and Sevastopol I destroyed a sniper rifle 309 of the Nazis. Hatred had sharpened my senses, made me cunning and clever; the hatred taught me to disguise themselves and deceive the enemy, in time to solve various it tricks and tricks; hatred has taught me a few days to patiently hunt for enemy snipers. Nothing can quench the thirst for revenge. There is even one invader walks on our land, I will mercilessly beat the enemy. When I went to fight, at first I felt only anger for what the Germans broke our peaceful life. But all I saw then, gave me a feeling of such unquenchable hatred that it’s difficult to Express anything other than a bullet in the heart of a Nazi. When I walked through the streets of Sevastopol, I was often stopped by children and asked: “How many were killed yesterday?”Achieve Ludmila exceeded a few dozen snipers, men of the Second world war. However, for women the results were fantastic, especially considering that she spent at the front all year. “I can only envy such a performance, says female sniper Yula is incredible! It really is an incredible result. I even can’t grasp how such a number of enemies to eliminate the sniper in such a short time. This machine gun really, but the sniper!..”

Pinwheel of the past our conversations should be that all women are great fighters, you said no women, not a sniper prepared. Do you still subscribe to the words that women are often much tougher men?

Is not what I think, it is a fact of military life. Women are more enduring, more persistent and more tenacious.

– What personally for you is the hardest job of a sniper?

— The hardest part is to take the first shot — after a pause replied Yula, is the understanding that you are not the chips to shoot, but by living people. Although, I think I still not fully aware that it was not the chips.

– What do you think was the secret of Pavlichenko?

Besides the fact that she was actually an excellent marksman, Pavlichenko, of course, fell into the stream. As Stakhanov is the same. The people needed a symbol! “Catch up and overtake”. That is why it and raspiarili, if to speak the modern language. Were the same women snipers as it is, but they have not reached such prominence, Pavlichenko indeed, just wanted one as a symbol of war, as a symbol of the struggle and the fact that Nazis can and should be beat!

Sniper gift

According to Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a sniper its a gift is about the hatred, about the thirst that desperately want to repay. I asked Yulu, from which, in her opinion, develops the talent of a sniper, in addition to vigilance and firmness, of course. “Any talent is the talent and watch you kill for the sake of his development. See, there’s that word again. “Killed!” — responsible Yula. — Still very big luck that the sniper still alive, it is luck. In the war that we had in 2014-2015, to be alive is a matter of luck. Someone lucky, some do not. So is the patience and “headlessness”. About the second I will explain. You know, there are times when we act contrary to common sense, and it saves you. I think in war you kind of stop being human, become animals. There appeared to be some Oborotova essence. The more you from the animal, the higher your chances. It is also important to have disbelief in his own death, denying the very possibility of being killed!”– Tell me about professional deformation of the sniper.

— You can go cuckoo! sharply said Yula.

– I know it’s your favorite word, and what makes you different from the average person?

You know, I still appreciate food and the countryside from the viewpoint of easy points. And I think to myself, if I worked here or not.

Awkward questions or calm my heart

Pinwheel, can I ask you an awkward question?

— About the number — is attentive Yule, you know the number, but I’ll publish these data still do not allow it.

Женщина-снайпер: Убийство на войне — это совсем не убийство в гражданской жизни

© RIA Novosti, Gennady Oak– Know it and do not ask. Humbly waiting for you to die, and I will be able to publish it in his memoirs, “How I made friends with a female sniper”.

— And do not hope — Yula laughs — I will not die! You forgot, I don’t believe in his own death.

– Okay, we’ll see, I too own death do not believe. I have another question. Even worse. If you were offered to work for the peace-Niks, but to do thus what you were doing in the war. Remember the movie about Leon-killer? Would you agree to that?— Anya, you’re crazy, and another victim of the cinema. However, I know that you’re not the only one. You, a civilian, do not understand simple things, for you, the shot is always shot. You don’t understand the difference between real war and its absence. The killing in war is murder in war is not murder in civilian life. Killing in civilian life is a crime! During the war I eliminated the enemies, and not simply some people bought killer.

Well, and if this man should be killed, he’s a bad man, the enemy almost? Would that satisfy you?

— No, of course! Anya! A bad man or a bad man, and maybe, even the poorest person needs to take the turnover of the judicial system! This is the only way! And the war, because it happens that sometimes the government committed large-scale crimes against his people. And then you have to take a rifle and run across the steppe, like the goat, defending their promised land…

The lyrical heroine

I can not deny myself in order not to publish a poem dedicated to the female sniper, which is just the same as the one goat and ran around the promised the wilderness with a rifle. My Maria — miner’s daughter, the prototype of which was Yule, and a few other brave Donbass girls with rifles.The Wild, the target is identified,
from a rifle Yes, it hurts the shoulder.
Pray, religious,
it will be terrible and hot.
The sniper knows that it is necessary from the first,
aiming for a long time, slowly.
In the steppe Mary grows nerves,
they shared a soul.
Precise shot — a bullet is stupid.
The death of Maria now as a mother.
The field will be lined with corpses,
the night will be to collect them.
Mary in Notepad, TIC —
the nameless boys.
And they are almost all the same age,
start a war in the country.

Anna Revyakina

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