Women are called the conditions for perfect sex

As a result of the studies of sexologists have come to the conclusion that for women it is extremely important not the duration of lovemaking, namely the “quality of work” from the partner.

Жінки назвали умови для ідеального сексу

Experts have also voiced the main conditions for women to sex they later considered ideal, reports Rus.Media.

The distinctive feature for women is the fact that in advance the future scenario of the sex they do not think through and immediately after intercourse to evaluate it as we can not. The main for women are the sensations derived from sexual pleasures, where an important role is given to the partner. Women prefer that the man had a beautiful figure. Many also can not tolerate so-called “beer belly”. This factor can spoil all the impression of sex, even if the skill of man in this case is very trivial.

Despite the fact that in everyday life, quite a popular idea that size doesn’t matter. Women, in fact, do not think so. Penis men should be medium size, not too thin and not too bulky. Of course, the most important criterion of an ideal sex women feel orgasm, to which they are able to prove.

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