Women are quicker to recover from relationship scientists

Женщины быстрее оправляются от разрыва отношений – ученые

Women handle stress much faster than men. Such emotional shake-up “builds” their nervous system.

Scientists have found that women are stronger than men suffering from the breakup of a romantic relationship, however, recover from stress much faster.In the study, researchers participated 5705 participants from 96 countries. The researchers asked men and women to rate on a scale of 0 to 10 emotional and physical pain they have experienced after breaking up with a partner. It turned out that women suffer from a breakup stronger than men: for them the average percentage of emotional pain made up 6.84, while for men this value amounted to 6.58. Despite this, psychologists say: women handle stress much faster than men, furthermore, such emotional shake-up “builds” their nervous system. Men, according to scientists from a broken romantic relationship until the end has not recovered.

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