Women earn 21% less than men in Ukraine

Женщины зарабатывают на 21% меньше мужчин в Украине

The figure is higher than in most European countries.

The Minister of social policy of Ukraine Yulia Sokolovskaya said on his Facebook page that Ukraine women earn 21% less in comparison with men.

She also added that “this figure is higher than in most European countries, and this needs to change”. Sokolovsky considers such indicators untapped potential not only for women themselves but for the country as a whole.Minister of social policy said that it is not just about equal wages for men and women, but also about creation of equal conditions for them. The following items Sokolowski believes it is important to likely to bring them to life:

Mothers should have the opportunity, if you wish, to return to the labour market after having children.Employers must develop the appropriate infrastructure and conditions.Work schedules should be more flexible to enable parents to spend more time with children.The country needs to develop pre-school education so that more women could work in management positions.Previously, the Apple Card accused of discrimination due to the fact that the map wrongly gives higher credit limits to men. After that Goldman Sachs, which is working with Apple Card, said that they would revise their credit decisions, if users will make the corresponding request.

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