Women in Saudi Arabia will be notified about the divorce via SMS

This is intended to end the practice of “secret divorce”.

Жінок в Саудівській Аравії будуть повідомляти про розлучення по смс

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia had enacted a decree that aims to end the practice of “secret divorce”, when men do not tell the wives about the termination of marriage, informs Rus.Media.

The government ordered the courts to inform women about the divorce by SMS.

Human rights activists say that the knowledge of his marital status would allow women to better protect their rights.

“The new measure will allow women to respect their rights in the divorce, told Saudi lawyer Nasrin al-Ghamdi to Bloomberg. – It also ensures that the power of attorney before the divorce will not be used illegally”.

“Many women have appealed to the court in connection with the fact that men are simply not told them about the divorce,” the lawyer said Samia al-Hindi local newspaper.

This event is part of an ambitious economic and social reforms carried out by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In recent months, women received the right to drive cars, visit football matches and to work in some professions that were previously available only to men.

Saudi women still can’t do

Despite the improvement in gender inequality in the country, Saudi women still have no right without the permission of a male guardian to do many things. Among other things they are prohibited from independently:

  • to apply for a passport;
  • to go abroad;
  • to marry;
  • to open a Bank account;
  • to do elective surgery;
  • to leave the prison.