Women of these Zodiac signs are more likely to become mistresses

To accept the role of a mistress in a relationship — a real adventure.

Жінки цих знаків Зодіаку частіше за інших стають коханками

It is the guarantor of thrills, passion, and fun, freedom from obligations. It’s benefits and limitations at the same time. The mistress has no feeling of possession of a partner. The pleasure of communicating with him, changing the uncertainty that overtakes her alone. We decided to look at the role of the lover through the lens of astrology. Which Zodiac signs are more likely to agree to a “love triangle”?


Fun in life of this sign is one of the main places. Sagittarius is clever, but limit yourself not used to. “If you really want, you can” – that’s about it. He knows how to enjoy life. Another passion of Sagittarius – adventure. Inquisitive, active, he loves to open and new experiences. And if all that is tied “love Affairs” – his ears not to delay, informs Rus.Media.

In the issue of intimate relationships Sagittarius is also looking for entertainment. With feelings he does not fight, but not to say that drowning in them. Solid love affair it is often perceived as a threat to his freedom-loving nature mobile. Note inaccessibility of unreality in the relationship, but always with vivacity and gaiety is the fact that perfectly catches the Arrow, and not put it in the frame.

Жінки цих знаків Зодіаку частіше за інших стають коханками


It’s a romantic dreamer, full of feelings, emotions and impressions. Everything to do with love – the theme of Fish. They dream about their knight… And often meet him. However, knight may be not a knight, and a married man who wants to escape from family obligations. But who cares! Fish see it as a strange artist, the Creator, can see his light the lost soul.

Woman-Pisces believes that she is the Savior and Muse for her married the suitor, and his official relationship – a mistake of youth, which he regrets, but “there is nothing to do with it.” A secret relationship for Fish is a powerful whirlwind of emotions and sensory States. From pain to ecstasy, from love to hate. But without it, life seems to them insipid and meaningless.

Жінки цих знаків Зодіаку частіше за інших стають коханками


This sign is characteristic of large, sometimes excessive activity in romantic relationships. Feelings and desires are Aries arise easily, and most often he does not resist. Calm and predictable relationships quickly tired of him – Aries like sparks and passion. The themes of challenge and competition also in tune with the nature of Aries, so it can be solved on close relations with the unfree man. But it is important to note that the role of a mistress Aries is solved only if you really wants it, not because there are no other options.

Жінки цих знаків Зодіаку частіше за інших стають коханками


He was still a thrill. Scorpio has an incredible magnetism to the opposite sex. He is often drawn to the mysterious and inaccessible. Sensuality, mystery, intimacy characteristic of the atmosphere of this sign. The passion of Scorpio is strong, from love he easily loses his head. Many Scorpions it is important to feel a sense of drama, of tension. “Love and blood” – exaggerated, of course, but like often happens to them. In a relationship Scorpios can be very relaxed and candid.

Жінки цих знаків Зодіаку частіше за інших стають коханками