Women who do these 3 things, will enchant any man

Женщины, которые делают эти 3 вещи, очаруют любого мужчину

Creating the right energy around men, using the right words and body language in communicating with him you can rekindle the flames of passion in his heart for a long time. You can become the woman in the middle ages fought knights, that which like a magnet attracts the man and mesmerizes him with her charms.

Here are three ways how you can become more alluring and effortlessly charming man.

Attract him with your soft side

When a woman is with a man, she should no longer play the role of a strong professional or housewife-mother of three children. She’s like a leaf floating on the river. Be slower, do not rush, forget about all the strategies and ideas of how to pick up a man, just go with the flow of your communication with a man. Take deep breaths, sit back, feel the warmth and calmness in the heart, and just enjoy the moment that you create your romantic connection.

A real seducer knows how to just be. She knows how to feel feminine and weak next to a man, and can relax in this weakness, it is not scary. She’s not trying to do something and take matters into their own hands.

It allows the man to keep their relationship at their own pace, allows him to nourish it with your attention and affection. She is a goddess, with steady, calm and steady energy, which creates an atmosphere of peace, of love, of sensuality, tenderness and soft, sweet connection.

Listen to it more than just ears

The real seductress can identify vulnerable place men in a matter of minutes. She knows how to make him nervous and how to calm. She can make him to accept for the honor of her presence, so that he’s nervous, but at the same time, he feels emotionally safe, so that she can fully open.

The best way to make a man nervous, but still open to you is to listen to it at the right moments. When you are with him, try to really listen to what he says. Don’t interrupt, don’t look at the phone, not be distracted by your own thoughts, don’t say listen to him, when at the same time doing a few things.

We can distract very much from the real connection with the person. The temptress uses feminine energy to be here and now. You must clear the mind and open the heart. To drop everything I was doing and listen closely with our ears, heart, mind and body.

Seduce him with touch

If you gently touch a man when you feel your connection with him, this will show him that his feelings are important to you that his intentions are pleasing to your heart. But don’t touch it too often, or use touch to trigger a connection with him. Just touch him at key moments and let it show that you are open to further you on the same page – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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