Women’s game of the mind: 12 the real facts about phantom pregnancy

Игры женского разума: 12 реальных фактов о фантомной беременности

Have you ever so passionately wish for anything, I had managed to convince myself that this actually happens? Even if it does not meet reality! It turns out that it can also apply to pregnancy.

The fact that our mind is a very complex and powerful mechanism that is able to convince the body of anything, even in completely unrealistic things. For example, it can cause the body to get cold, only because I am confident in the possibility to get it from work colleagues. But there are more serious suggestion, such as pregnancy, when the body surely that is carrying a child is actually there.

This may sound like science fiction, but a false pregnancy is really the place to be, and the first mention of it was discovered centuries ago. Fortunately, this phenomenon is not frequent, the observations is 1 to 6 cases of over 22,000 pregnant women. But there is a problem and let’s get this medical phenomenon in more detail.

12 facts about phantom pregnancy

1. What is a false pregnancy

This phenomenon has many names – hysterical pregnancy, imaginary pregnancy, phantom pregnancy, and a special term — pregnancy substitute isn.

But how would this deviation is not known, the symptoms are always the same. The woman is sure that she is pregnant, although conception was not, and about any development of the fetus can not be considered. This may present all the signs of pregnancy, which further convinces a woman in her position.

In other words, a false pregnancy is a condition when a woman’s body on a physical level is undergoing a unique metamorphosis of pregnancy, but without the presence of the child within.

2. Can stop my period

Most women know about their situation during the delay period. Pregnancy test or visit to a specialist confirms or denies the guess.

In the case of false pregnancy, menstruation also can disappear, even for a few months. This fact firmly convinces the woman that in her new life arose.

3. The stomach may start rounded

The most visible sign of pregnancy is a growing stomach. And as the stomach can change shape and size for various reasons, the woman begins to believe that was a really special time in her life.

In psychology there are cases when the doctor came a woman with a huge belly and sensitive Breasts. During the inspection it turned out that she’s not pregnant, and besides, she was missing her uterus. As it became clear from her medical records, she previously had surgery to remove the uterus.

This situation is a Prime example of what the symptoms may be more than obvious, if you guarantee the absence of pregnancy itself.

4. Can be felt movements of the child inside

One of the most exciting moments for expectant mother to feel like kicking a baby inside. Those who experience phantom pregnancy, also may experience a similar experience and it only supports their faith.

6. May increase the breast

Another pregnancy symptom are certain changes in the breast. The chest swells, and starts the allocation of breast milk. It is clear that in the case of pregnancy substitute isn women undergoing the same changes.

6. Is weight gain

A healthy pregnancy is accompanied by weight gain in the expectant mothers. The weight depends on body build women, weight and many other factors. The norm is 11-15 kg.

Similarly, the reason for the weight gain may be the phenomenon of false pregnancy.

7. Sometimes morning sickness

Sometimes pregnancy is accompanied by morning sickness, which is also the place to be, and imaginary pregnancy.

8. Men can also experience phantom pregnancy

The fact that men cannot bear children, clear as day. However, for some it is not an obstacle in the experience of such experience. This happens mostly when women become pregnant, and deep feelings provoke similar symptoms. In such cases, the phenomenon is called sympathetic pregnancy.

9. Symptoms may last from several weeks to several years

A normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. But as phantom pregnancy does not imply the presence of the child, symptoms may persist for an indefinite amount of time.

10. Some of you might be giving birth

If some women get to force your body to believe that it’s pregnant, others even can’t sign in to labor, not having any real reason.

Brazil has been described a case where a 37-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital with all the signs of early labor. If you have a large belly she was moaning and screaming, and she had a medical sheet.

At the first examination the doctors found no heartbeat in a child, and was ready to provide emergency assistance, when it became clear that the child is not, and never was.

11. Animals can also experience false pregnancy

As it turned out, not only the human mind could accomplish such wonders. According to research, phantom pregnancy among animals most often affects dogs. In some cases, the symptoms appear after overheating females. Scientists attribute this to hormonal imbalance.

12. What is the reason for psevdoberemennost?

It’s not easy to explain, since this phenomenon involves the mind and body. New York times gives an explanation from a technical point of view:

Pregnancy substitute isn may be the result of the delicate relationship of body and mind: the primary emotional state stimulates the production of abnormal hormones, which, in turn, contribute to the manifestation of certain physical and psychological effects.

Often women become hostages of such situations, getting in certain conditions. For example, it could be a miscarriage or infertility; lack of information in medicine and psychology; social isolation or the membership of the society, in the culture of which procreation is the main function of women.

In any case, the phenomenon of phantom pregnancy is extremely rare. So no need to worry that someone from your environment may become a victim of this mysterious phenomenon.

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