Women’s Hockey: The project of a league viable always on

The members of the Association of professional players of women’s hockey (PWHPA) maintain the cap in their desire to set up a circuit in the sustainable economic model in spite of the arrival of the national League of women’s hockey (NWHL) Toronto.

The creation of this first team of the NWHL in Canada for the season 2020-2021 (if it occurs) occurs a year after the disappearance of the canadian League for financial reasons. It will be the sixth formation of this league was founded in 2015 became the first to offer salaries to its players. The other clubs are located in Boston, Monmouth Junction (nj), Danbury (Connecticut), Buffalo and St. Paul (Minnesota).

“We are proud to launch our first team in Canada. This is a defining moment for our league. All those who are involved in the world of hockey in Toronto can be certain that this organization of the first class will contribute greatly to the development of women’s hockey”, assured the commissioner and founder of the NWHL, Dani Rylan.

Different models

However, for the approximately 200 women of the Association of players, which count on most of the members of the national teams of Canada and the United States, this breakthrough on canadian soil does not destroy their hope that a circuit offers conditions similar to those of men will be launched in the future. Quite to the contrary.

“This is an opportunity for a group of players, but this is not what the best players are looking for and what we want for the generations to come. These products are different, but that is no reason not to be able to co-exist, as among the men, where there are several leagues,” said the Newspaper, a spokesperson for the PWHPA, Karell Émard, a former Canadian from Montreal.

“It will give the opportunity to 24 players, but this is not enough. We need categories of leagues to allow players to continue to play and train. For example, this is not because the Rocket de Laval, and the american League existed, the NHL can’t exist,” said Danièle Sauvageau, who oversees the training of the players of the Association based in Montreal.

Member of the canadian team, Mélodie Daoust was abundant in the same direction. Daoust and girls of the movement walked a little across North America in recent months to promote their sport in a series of matches out of the contest.

“For us, it makes no difference. Our plan is to start a league sustainable where we will be treated professionally. There is no league in place that makes it. The NHWL continues to open its doors, it does not change anything for us, and for the 200 players in our movement,” explained the attacking native of Valleyfield.

The NHWL doesn’t reveal the salary of their athletes, but some of them have pocketed US$ 15,000 last season, she recently stated. The players must try to touch as early as next year 50% of revenue in sponsorships and agreements in the media.

A window is ideal

Despite the economic crisis which threatens many sectors because of the current pandemic, Danièle Sauvageau believes that women’s hockey could benefit from an unexpected boost to the resumption of sporting activities. The NHL has never closed the door to support a project of women’s league that could draw on the model of the WNBA, which is owned by the NBA.

“I think that what we do now is going to open the valves to the values of community […] It can be a vehicle for the grand circuit and some companies to come support the women as to guard against a strategy that is more alive with impacts on the human”, we said the one that won the gold medal at the helm of the canadian team in the Salt Lake City Games in 2002.

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