Women’s horoscope for the week from 9 to 15 July 2018

Женский гороскоп на неделю с 9 по 15 июля 2018 года

Astrologers this week only very good news for all, without exception, Signs of the Zodiac. Following the prompts of the female horoscope, will be able to resolve a difficult situation, to mobilize and to improve their lives.

The sun in Cancer this week is preparing to move to the ascending node: 13 July there will be a solar Eclipse, which means any future plans that you will implement will be very successful and will bring you lots of positive emotions. In addition, this coming week is just created in order to deal with them — as evidenced by the transition of Venus in the constellation Virgo. We can assume that the planet is literally smiling women, helping to take the initiative and opportunity in their hands, to resolve any complex issues. Experts recommend to be active and not to miss this wonderful week.

Aries Woman

Representatives of the Rams, it’s time to bring to life their mechtyi long-conceived plans. Start the change right now, the start will be easy and will create a powerful resonance in the positive sense of the word. Don’t be afraid of risks this week everything will pay off.

Longing and desire, which usually push you to the realization of the goals will be your main helpers. But excessive complaisance, irresponsibility, levity, and looping on multiple goals at the same time will work against you. In the period from 9 to 15 July from the Sun to you rapidly to get the excitement, energy and activity. Follow your desires to the maximum by dedicating this week a new and unusual goals.

Taurus Woman

A very favorable week for any changes. Current plans will be implemented by themselves, would be easy to implement the desired innovations, and it will create a good Foundation for the future. And you and your family will be able to understand each other just perfectly. Take advantage of this, because right now the world will start to offer you plenty of opportunities to start a new life.

Week under the patronage of Venus is extremely positive for the change of profession, partner, pace of life and place of residence. But stability and routine, especially in the middle of the week, for you negative — you can lose a luck to get lost in a household fog, falling into depression and confusion.


Women-Gemini, the week from 9 to 15 July — the perfect time to resolve difficult situations at work and in personal life. The stars promise that the discussion of critical issues will be conflict-free, and some painful soul of the problem will disappear by themselves. Astrologers suggest you to come to grips with improving their lives, in turn bringing something new.

Trust your intuition, it will help you to cope with the challenges this week. Under the supervision of Neptune in Pisces you will often experience self-doubt, but it is only an illusion caused by the malevolent energy of your antagonist. Don’t doubt yourself, your life partner, friends. These sad thoughts will waft Neptune, and not the subconscious, so very carefully listen to the quiet voice inside yourself.


Beautiful women Cancers, a moment of your finest hour. In the period from 9 to 15 July you just need to take life into their own hands. Even if you are afraid, embarrassed and confident that they are not ready for this — the Sun residing in your Sign, will help to overcome the emotional barrier to reach a new level, to assert yourself and to gain the respect of the Universe.

Everything that surrounds you, this week will be available for review and change. Easy luck now can freely turn into a real success. And half-hearted attempts to be yourself can be tricky: inner fears will suddenly break out. However, confidence will become stronger and the goals will find support under the auspices of the Sun, you will feel like you’ve acquired a fragile shell instead of a hard shell. It’s time to get ahead in life, the more chances you have — gorgeous.

The Female Lion

Representatives of the lions this week will not even have to particularly try to change yourself and your life for the better, it will make for you the stars. Retrograde motion of Mars in these seven days will stand in good stead — it will reward you a hundred percent luck. Astrologers recommend to devote time to his beloved: to improve skills, attend courses on self-education, to go shopping and to afford the long dreamed of.

This week you will have to take a leap forward and allow change to enter your life. In the early weeks of the first layer of these changes will not leave you time to be bored: new plans, ideas and suggestions will literally fall on your head. The more you show interest, the more exciting faces for you to turn these innovations.


Women Virgins, for you comes a very amazing time, when everything will depend on your desires. But it is from real desires, not those you used to give out for their dreams. Listen to yourself and the voice of your heart, because if something goes wrong, blame can only be known in the inner self that decided to rebel against her boring role.

The road to a woman’s happiness this week may seem paved with barbed wire — and that’s fine. You will drive Venus, which on 10 July will move into your Sign. She will force to turn to the path of your destiny. Come and don’t be afraid. The upcoming week is a great time to streamline many aspects of their lives.

The Woman-Libra

Dear women born under the auspices of the Weights, for you comes not the easiest, but the most happy time this year. To manage the events of life will be Venus, which is marked by transition on July 10, in the constellation Virgo. The astrological trends of the coming week will revolutionize your life turned on its head. The important thing is that you advise the astrologers — don’t be afraid to take the initiative. It is in all situations only good.

Venus in house of money, so without them you will not remain, and the coming week will positively contribute to any ventures and financial manipulation. There’s bad news — problems in the home, domestic vanity, family conflicts will sometimes piss you off, and rapidly growing ambitions and appetites will add a lot of hassle.

Scorpion Woman

Women-Scorpions are, first, the good news: the upcoming seven days may seem surprising, since all problems will be solved by themselves. To help directed the influence of enhanced retro-Mars, so the more cases you start, the more time.

However, the accidents this week will be a lot of surprises can turn your stable life. Absolutely everything will happen suddenly, but the chain of random events to amazing woven pattern, and, despite the fact that luck is too much, you can still feel the ground slipping from under his feet. To reduce discomfort, try to respect the day and to control your emotions.

The Woman-Sagittarius

Archers, if you have long ceased to believe in miracles, then this week the Sun’s influence will restore the faith in them. A few days before and after a solar Eclipse can occur such events that otherwise incredible call. Astrologers recommend to use it are infrequent luck and extract the maximum benefit from unexpected change.

In return for the willingness to change the Sun will give you an emotional high, sexual energy and self-confidence: closer to the weekend you will feel like a completely different woman. Alas, but any change is always stressful, especially for the female body. Restorative fees or chamomile tea will help a little to rectify the situation.

The Woman-Capricorn

Women Capricorns that I have long wanted to change something in their lives, stars turn on the green light. The “Aha” moment will come this week. Astrologers suggest to start the change right from Monday, Stop squander your opportunities. Projects and initiatives that will be launched in the period from 9 to 15 July, will be much easier and better than you can imagine.

The last few years you gained experience and tasted different versions of life. Now, when the Sun is expected to a powerful burst of energy, you need to begin to act and to build its future on a new stage of development. Stop looking to the past; a solar Eclipse, which will be held on July 13, can contribute to dramatically change your life.

Aquarius Woman

Women Aquarius, you often have the signs of destiny that you usually do not pay attention. This week should not ignore the clues the Universe, pay attention to a series of random events — this will give a start to positive change in the future.

Be careful even in small things, your life and destiny are now in the hands of the retrograde of Mars. During this period it is important for you to create the groundwork for the future, to establish relations, to get acquaintances, target change and improve their lives. Following the signs of the stars, you can tune into the right frequency.

The Woman-Fish

The ideal period this week will be if you spend it in motion — travel, travel, searching, walking. Where it is possible to take matters into their own hands, take it. If you are offered something extreme, unusual and exotic, do not hesitate, agree. You can change your life, but you have to expand your horizons.

Of the downsides of this period is the transition of Venus in the Sign Virgo, causing possible tension in relationships with friends, family and loved one. You will be very energetic and hot-tempered. Astrologers are advised to watch their words, and to show more tact, especially when dealing with loved ones.

This positive position of the planets, as it is now, falls not too often. Any initiative is welcome, and many things will resolve themselves. Difficult moments will turn in your favor, wishes come true, and only change will improve life. Don’t be afraid to be themselves and to pursue their goals.

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