Wont be happy, stay positive

Привычка быть счастливой: настраиваемся на позитив 

Good mood — the key to success in many matters that you start. It is very important that with this attitude you go through life. Psychologist Kristina Gribova talks about simple habits that will help to win hydrovane to remember that nothing can make you happy, if you do not want. Remember history, when wealthy people, having everything you want, absolutely do not feel happy. Because often happiness is not in material things, and inner harmony.Rejoice in the fact that estimators would be a trivial thing, but how important it is! How are you grateful for what you have depends on your inner life satisfaction. If you are always just a little, and the fun is in buying new things, cars or apartments, then, most likely, the feeling of dissatisfaction of visits you often. Take a look at what you already have (not necessarily counting only financial bonuses — except they have health, love, children), appreciate it, and believe me, there are those who would very much like to have what have you, but they have no such opportunity.Do not think about the bad most people have an amazing ability to think through what would happen and not always in a positive way: “fired from work”, “salary cut”, “the seller will cheat,” etc. think about the bad, you attract negative consequences, so it’s important to believe in yourself and know that everything will be fine. At first it may be difficult, but in a short time useful habit for you will be a great help in the successful solution of many problems.Dream and visualiseerija unfortunately, not all people know how to make it. Someone thinks that dream dreams and achieve all you can only work and hard work. Of course, on how you a healthy and industrious, will depend on your prosperity and the realization of all the goals, but the dream is no less important. Imagining the desired goal or thing, you give your subconscious command for their implementation. Magically tuck successful cases, proposals for implementation of the plan.Doing business deloraine deprive life of paints and debilitating rather than inspiring. It is therefore very important to find a favorite activity that you would be fascinated and charged with positive emotions. Plunging into it, you relax mentally and filled with energy that is responsible for your emotional state. This could be crafts or activities, courses or webinars, drawing — anything that fascinates you.

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