Wooden “tick-tock”: the Belarusian wizard makes unusual hours



In Belarus lives the wizard that their products comply entirely of wood. It all started as a simple hobby. And now these wooden Souvenirs differ around the world. Belarusian inventor met the correspondent channel “WORLD 24″Pauline, Srebrenko.

Andriy Martynyuk the only one in Belarus making a clock with a wooden mechanism. Metal – only cogs, and the axle. On their products, the master offers a lifetime warranty. They decorate not only the walls but the ceiling.

On the question of which of his products best, Andrey Martyniuk says that he’s not here yet. But the master is working on it.

“When I started all this a long time ago, 30 years ago, tried to just copy the metal watch in the tree. Nothing happened. The size of the tooth, a pair of parts – everything had to be others,” said the master.

He now owns the technology to perfection and boldly experimenting. Watch with parts from straws, watch the sextant, in the style of steam-punk and rock. This is not the limit.

The next project Andrew Martyniuk – the creation of a private Museum. While the collection is kept in the master’s house.

“The main dream I have, something I am working on is the creation of a Museum of wooden mechanics in Dzerzhinsk. And all German “shred parks” will be jealous,” says the man.

Such a Museum could become tourist attraction Dzerzhinsky district. Andrey Martynyuk here for a long time celebrity. House master clock strewn not only inside, but also outside.

Special report about other Belarusian Kulibin look today at 23.45 on TV channel MIR 24.