Woods, Mickelson, Manning and Brady joueuront golf for charity

Woods, Mickelson, Manning et Brady joueuront au golf pour la charité

The quarter-back Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will join Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to compete in a round of golf in order to raise funds to fight the pandemic of COVID-19.

The business Tuner Sports has confirmed the information on Wednesday, announcing that the named event The Match: Champions for Charity will be available on its network TNT in the month of may.

Details about the date, place, and the charities that will benefit from this competition should be announced in the coming weeks.

Woods and Mickelson had already competed in a game similar to Las Vegas in the month of November 2018. Mickleson had finally won the jackpot of $ 9 million at the fourth hole of the extension.

The activities of the PGA are currently suspended as a result of the pandemic.

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