Work bet 10 thousand dollars, who will soon pass the Olympic ski slopes, and this is what came of it

Got not all!.

Роботи посперечалися на 10 тисяч баксів, хто швидше пройде олімпійську гірськолижну трасу, і ось що з цього вийшло

At the winter Olympics-2018 in prize money and worldwide fame not only fighting real people, but artificial. In Pyeongchang, the Olympic track was the first in the world ski competition robots Edge of Robot: Robot Challenge Ski, reports Rus.Media.

The candidates fielded eight engineering teams representing universities, research institutes and private companies. Requirements to the participants was strict and sad: it had to be creatures gomango type a height not lower than 50 inches, have two arms with elbows and stand without skis on two legs with knees.

Skiers set the task as soon as possible to overcome the 80-meter ski slope with obstacles. And to the winner promised a cap with a t-shirt from the organizers, and real money — 10 thousand dollars. They carried in the beak of the robot TaekwonV company Minirobot Corp, his result is 18 seconds.

If you are ready to dive into the world of high-speed, record-breaking achievements and the wind whistling behind my ears, unfortunately: the video with these fun competitions will not look without tears of regret, benefits, and sarcasm.

And in this video the coaches very funny robots withdrawn before the start.

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