Workaholics are less productive at work than their hard-working colleagues – psychologists

Трудоголики менее результативны на работе, чем их трудолюбивые коллеги - психологи

If the company is to recruit workaholics and to compare their work with the team, where you work just hard-working people, the result will be in favor of the latter.

This is reported by psychologists, reports ГолосUA.

The fact that workaholics are more prone to professional burnout and apathy. They are excessive perfectionists, less creative and resourceful. Performing day-to-day usual work, without rest and without switching to other activities, a person simply loses the sense of his work. If no new experiences, Hobbies, emotions, the swamp sucks the routine of their victims.

According to psychologists, it is important to learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy forms of workaholism. For example, when a company (Department) is preparing to launch a new big project, the employees are completely consumed by the idea and stay in the office to catch up all the time – this is normal. After all, after a period everything will return to the usual working regime and regular schedule.
But if the employee is a day for a long time delayed at work, it is worth pondering. Perhaps he really is excessively overloaded or the problem is that the person is not able to distribute the tasks and time them.

But such behavior of an employee suggests that he was depressed and using stay in office he’s trying to get rid of unpleasant thoughts or avoids getting home, where it may be an unpleasant conversation with your husband or wife.

Well, if it will notice a boss or HR Manager of the company and will help to correctly understand what the reason of such behavior.

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