World chocolate day is celebrated on 11 July

Всемирный день шоколада празднуют 11 июля

The history of the holiday

The idea to organize celebrations dedicated to the noble food, called for the sophisticated minds of the people of France in the mid 90-ies of XX century. At first it was a purely national holiday, but over time, foreign neighbors began to adopt an interesting tradition, and soon it spread across the planet international event. I must say that the July world chocolate day is not only one of its kind – exactly the same mark again in September, 4-th. Probably this fact can explain the passionate attachment of man to the joy of a tooth resulting from conventional cocoa beans.

Всемирный день шоколада празднуют 11 июля

But it is the fruit of the chocolate tree do not cause anybody surprise, but in the XVI century, when Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered America for the Europeans, dark-brown drink was very exotic. First introduction of “white” people with the derivative of the cocoa bean was not too successful – the Indians that manufacture chocolate, didn’t think to put in a viscous mass of sugar cane. Position fixed visit to the North American continent Cortez in 1519. Resourceful Spaniards added bitter drink sweets and offered the resulting dessert is crowned ruler. The king had to taste a new delicacy, and a hundred years later, the “black gold” has taken root in France.

The modern tile shape drink acquired only in the nineteenth century. This was preceded by two important events. First the Dutchman Conrad van Houten with the aim of obtaining cocoa butter invented the hydraulic press. After employees of the British company “fry and sons” was adapted to produce a three-component mixture consisting of cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar. Tile chocolate has gained popularity in this regard, in order to improve the quality of the product, it began to add milk. The authorship of milk chocolate, historians have credited Daniel Peter.

Всемирный день шоколада празднуют 11 июля

Types and benefits of chocolate

At the supermarket, it is impossible not to pay attention to a variety of brown Goodies take up entire shelves. Here you have the chocolate and raisin and hazelnut, and yogurt, and rice – not enough, probably, and hours to list all currently existing options. Traditionally sweet tiles and bars are made from three main types of chocolate: bitter, milk and white.

Classic dark chocolate is a mixture of cocoa powder, cocoa butter and gentle powdered sugar. The latter of such products are relatively much: emphasis is more on the natural taste of the product.

White chocolate – the exact opposite of the dark delicacy. Cocoa powder it is not at all, which explains the noble cream color products and required components are vanillin and film milk.

Milk chocolate – a true Symphony of taste. If someone does not understand what is the special charm of dark or white chocolate, then this kind of sweetness I love everything from small to large. It contains just exactly the same as bitter, but adding a film of dried milk. The amount of powdered sugar in milk chocolate is higher than the proportion of cocoa powder.

Commercially available so-called diabetic chocolate, sugar substitutes, e.g. xylitol. Another kind of porous chocolate: thanks to the unique technology of making tiles just melts in your mouth earned the sincere love of consumers. Finally, everyone can enjoy the rich flavor of hot chocolate, to cook which is a real pleasure: the powder is placed in a container, pour boiling water and stir until dissolved. Classy drink for a good mood ready!

Всемирный день шоколада празднуют 11 июля

By the way, have you ever wondered why after eating several slices of chocolate really becomes fun? It’s not an illusion or self-deception: a sweet tile, especially the bitter varieties contain substances that trigger the body’s synthesis of the hormone of joy.

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants, “pushes” the onset of old age, easily digestible fats and carbohydrates, not able to affect the size of the female waist. The minerals potassium and magnesium help keep your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Help, mainly incentive, they have caffeine and theobromine. With regard to the potential dangers of chocolate, the only side effect of eating dessert can become allergic.

Chocolate country

It is impossible not to agree that chocolate is respected everywhere, without exception, but there is on the planet Earth of the state where this wonderful treat have special attention.


Chocolate, along with beer and “briggston lace” is a local landmark. The number of chocolate museums, boutiques and produce sweet tiles in a year, the state ranked first in the world. Belgium is considered the Motherland honeycomb dark chocolate and praline.

Всемирный день шоколада празднуют 11 июля


The land of banks, cheese and watches the famous more than anything that produces mind-blowing taste and quality of the milk chocolate. Statistics indicate quite a significant portion of the Goodies falling each year per capita: more than 10 kilograms. Scattered throughout the country, chocolate factories, one of which you can not only visit but to observe the process of production of dessert – if you ride the train to Gruyeres station.


In addition, the state is the founder of the world day of chocolate, the country of mouth-watering cakes and champagne gives everyone a unique opportunity to learn the basics of chocolate culinary art. Near Lyon there is a famous school chocolatier that produces true chocolate lovers and craftsmen, for whom to bake a chocolate cake or prepare a light mousse – a piece of cake.

From the previous drink made from cacao beans by the Aztecs, we got only the name meaning in the language of the Indians “bitter water”. It’s great that the Europeans were able to radically change the quality and form of the ancestor of the chocolate bar, and today we can not deny yourself the pleasure to eat healthy dessert at any point of the planet.

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