World cup 2023: “I was forced to hire me,” says Frédéric Michalak

Frederic Michalak came to defend the nomination of France to the organization of the rugby world Cup 2023, October 11, 2017 to Toulouse. — N. Stival / 20 Minutes

  • Frédéric Michalak is back specially to Toulouse to defend the record of France 2023.
  • Rather confident before the announcement of the choice of the host country, on November 15, the opener of the LOU has refused to comment on the affairs that affect the FFR.

The organizing committee of France 2023 is currently on tour in the host cities that will host the rugby world Cup, if the bid habs is chosen on the 15th November at the expense of folders, irish and south african.

Operation seduction for #France2023 and Frédéric Michalak to the Argoulets among young rugby players and the girls of the pole Hopes of Jolimont

— A 20-Minute Toulouse (@20minutestoul) October 11, 2017

On Wednesday, the stop was toulouse, in particular with an afternoon of entertainment that brought together 350 children and girls of the pole Hopes to Jolimont under the auspices of Frederic Michalak, who returned for the occasion in his hometown. The opener to the 77 selections in Blue, who will celebrate on Monday its 35 years, is currently in Lyon, the leader of the Top 14, and will decide “in December,” if it stops or not his rich career at the end of the season.

Player to the LOU, the boss of the club of Blagnac (Federal 1), ambassador of France to 2023… Your calendar is loaded…

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I am a rugby player for a large percentage of my time. I also try to participate in the operations for France, 2023. And Tuesday, I went to Blagnac airport to a small point.

Toulouse: Here’s why Frederic Michalak became the boss of the club of Blagnac

— 20 Minutes (@20Minutes) December 15, 2016
Why did you become an ambassador for the French bid ?

The world Cup is the greatest competition that exists. France has the opportunity to host the most beautiful nations in the rugby. I was forced to hire me.

You were present in London on 25 September for the grand oral…

Yes. There are three candidates with a very good record. An audit carried out by an external company to World Rugby, but mandated by the organization, will be sent to all the federations to help them in their choice. This will strengthen our case.

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What are the advantages of France ?

Already, there is much talk of infrastructure. Then, the financial side, important to develop rugby in the world. Finally, the rugby is very implanted on our land, in the region of toulouse, for example, where there are more than 40,000 licensed (50.600 according to the FFR), in the small villages and in large cities. We want to see this competition in our territories.

RUGBY. Why the number of graduates a-t-he strongly declined in France ? Attempts at explanations ➡️➡️

— The Rugbynistere (@LeRugbynistere) June 28, 2017
Obtaining the world Cup can it help to stem the decline in the number of licensees ?

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I think that this decline is due more to the problems the extra sports and health of the players. If one gets the organisation of the world Cup, this may increase the number of graduates, but it should not bet on it.

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Is it that the cases that are currently affecting Bernard Laporte may constitute a disability ?

I have no comment to make on this subject. It must be left to unfold in the investigation.