World Cup – Oberhof: France, imperial, wins first mixed single relay of the season

    World Cup – Oberhof: France, imperial, wins first mixed single relay of the season

    France wins the first mixed single relay of the season in the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof, Germany. A relay mastered from start to finish by the French duo, Julia Simon-Emilien Jacquelin, which allows the Blues to win their fifth mixed relay in 13 races. Sweden finds itself in second place ahead of Norway who managed to snatch the podium thanks to a great performance on Johannes Boe’s skis.

    At the end of a masterful performance, Emilien Jacquelin and Julia Simon gave victory to the France team for this first mixed single relay of the season. The French won with style ahead of Sweden and Norway. A race controlled on skis but also on the shooting range, where Emilien Jacquelin made the difference (37/40), thanks to a clear round signed Emilien Jacquelin, when Julia Simon drew three times (17/20). She still allowed her team to take the advantage in her second stint in which she edged Norway’s Tiril Eckhoff, achieving a clear round on the last standing shot.

    Norway’s poor performance

    It was a scary duo. Tiril Eckhoff and Johannes Boe, however well started, totally cracked over the course of the race. After putting in three good performances on her first shots, the Norwegian relaxed on her last standing shot, where she inherited three penalty rounds. A fault that downgraded Norway to sixth position. But Johannes Boe had not said his last word. The Norwegian was able to come back up thanks to a very strong performance on the skis and allowed his team to finish third (+43.9 s) behind Sweden.

    The French success is a great revenge for Emilien Jacquelin, struggling on the first two stints for the Blues in the World Cup this season, especially on the shooting range (8th in Kontiolahti, 6th in Hochfilzen).

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