World day without Internet – January 27, 2019

The main purpose of this holiday is to distract people from the computers and global network to at least one day to live this day only in the real world.

Всесвітній день без інтернету - 27 січня 2019 року

As it turned out but the Day of the Internet, there is an international Day WITHOUT the Internet.

There are two versions of occurrence of the international day without Internet. It takes its origins 2000 years, but its initiators say the British Institute for social inventions or, according to other sources, the British online project “”. How would it not sound paradoxical, but to leave the network for one day it is ardent advocate of its users.
The main idea of the festival, in fact, very nice, because this day is offered to finally break away from the Internet to spend time with family and friends, and devote themselves to the favorite business. No wonder that it is celebrated this Sunday, informs Rus.Media.

If you look at the merits in early 2000-ies to abandon the use of the Internet for one day was very easy, because users were not so much, and the network was not as popular and widespread worldwide, and in Ukraine especially. You remember those situations when using your gatherings in the network mom couldn’t get a call from their girlfriends.

Today, almost all spheres of our life are closely connected with the operation of the Internet: education, medicine, business, communication and leisure. Therefore, the idea of failure from the network for one day now can cause a fair amount of skepticism.

If you want to join the action, you should carefully prepare in advance. That is why we are telling you about this holiday eve.