World dentist day – February 9

9 Feb gradually become recognized as a professional holiday of dentists, as this day is celebrated as the international dentist day.

Всесвітній день стоматолога - 9 лютого

Congratulations to the “International day of the dentist” every year doctors around the world.

The patron Saint of dentists Apollonia is usually considered Holy. According to ancient sources, she was the daughter of one official from Alexandria. In those times the Christian religion was just beginning its spread, and in the territory of Alexandria, one God could only be the Emperor, informs Rus.Media.

All unwanted, the persecuted, regardless of the position in ancient society. This has not escaped and Apollonia. The girl was tortured. During the torture he pulled out all his teeth, but could not get to renounce the faith. Apollonia threw herself into divorced on the area of the fire, and because of their faith burned in front of the crowd. It happened somewhere in 300 BC, the ninth of February. In the same year, the Catholic Church canonized her as a Martyr and patroness of dentists who treat tooth pain.

Archaeologists conducting excavations in the province Belusan in Pakistan, stumbled upon amazing artifacts – the remains of ancient people. Amazing discovery of skulls with drilled teeth. Remarkably, the drilled hole perfectly straight, and this means that already then existed the profession of the dentist!

During the research it became clear that the holes had a diameter of three millimeters and a depth of up to three and a half millimeters, which allowed confirming the presence of any devices to perform such delicate work. Perhaps even then there was some prototype of the dental drill.

Today’s dentists have confirmed the high precision work of the ancient doctors, as was drilled molars, which are located on the inner side of the jaw. This artifact scientists have dated nine thousand years before our era.

Modern dentistry, thanks to the new technologies stepped far forward. Highly qualified medical professionals, specialists with higher medical education, who own all means of pain relief and necessary assistance. Quality materials, ultrasound, x-ray and the latest technology will allow not only to heal, to save and restore teeth.