World disasters: by 2050 breathing will have nothing

Мировые катаклизмы: к 2050 году дышать будет уже нечем

World disasters: by 2050 breathing will have nothing
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City of slums, “plastic” oceans and environmental migrants: what awaits the world in the near future.

Experts in various fields do not get tired to make shocking predictions for the future. And if forecasts for the coming years, yet somehow you can remember and verify, the predictions for 2030 or even in 2050, a bit like the parable about Hodja Nasreddin. One in which he promised for 10 years to teach the donkey to speak, hoping that by the time someone from the three of them will die, or Emir, or a donkey, or he Hodge.

Anyway, it looks like the experts are not in the spirit: their predictions for the future do not promise us anything good.

Devastating drought

The main force of future troubles in all spheres of life is looming on us global warming.

Scientists believe the drought the Ground is only 2 degrees. If the average temperature of the planet will increase only these few degrees, drought strikes one-third of the land surface. In this case, the Ground expect fires, storms, reducing the number of animals and, of course, catastrophic decline in productivity.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that according to forecasts, by mid-century, humanity will need 12-15% more food than now. This will lead to famine in countries where agriculture is inefficient, and incomes are too low in the first place, we are talking about Africa and South Asia.

Ukraine “African hunger”, of course, not threatened, but a proper diet will be able to afford not all. Recall that the recent survey of Ukrainian households, conducted by the state statistic Committee, showed that one in four families today do not have enough money even for food. If the prices in Ukraine will continue to grow faster than wages, the situation will only get worse.

“Predatory” plastic

Global warming does not Bode well and the ocean – because the warmer the water, the dirtier it is. But the world of water waits for another calamity – plastic. Our modern life is saturated with this material because it is used literally everywhere – from food packaging to cars. According to a report by the World economic forum, now pollute the oceans more than 150 million tons of plastics and at least 8 million tons are thrown into the ocean annually. Experts say that visually it looks so: every minute a garbage truck dumps all their trash not in a landfill and into the ocean.

If the situation does not change, by 2025, three tons of fish will have a ton of plastic, and by 2050, plastics in the ocean will be more than the fish!

Scientists remind us that today more than 95% of plastic packaging material not recycled. Almost all discarded plastic is used only once, and the economic losses from such a massive ejection of material up to 120 billion dollars a year. For comparison, the processing goes 58% of the waste paper and for iron and steel the figure is 70-90%.

Мировые катаклизмы: к 2050 году дышать будет уже нечем

Photo: Archives of “KP”


In 2050, citizens will be 6.3 billion people. This is a huge number – for example, now the entire population of Earth is just over 7 billion. And, scare the experts, these cities of the future will not be ultra-modern cities described in science fiction books, but rather, a densely populated slum.

The fact that cities are growing fastest in poor countries where people have no money for a full house and they settle down in the buildings without sanitation and running water. And authorities in these countries do not have enough money for new homes, schools and hospitals, so this urban sprawl threatens not only epidemics, but also the upsurge of crime.

Ecological immigrants

The problem of migration for climatic reasons has been transformed from a distant myth to the harsh reality. Experts believe that by 2050, environmental migrants can be more than 200 million people. We are talking about people pushing to migrate in the first place, climatic factors. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes – all these reasons make people to lose their homes in search of a better life.

The greatest flow of environmental migrants today is in Africa and the Middle East, immigrants from which try to find refuge in Europe. But it seems that in the not too distant future, the ranks of climate migrants will join the Europeans.

In recent years, periodically published various lists of seven, ten, or even more cities, which in 15-20 years will go under water. Global warming raises the ocean level, and therefore, mankind will have to say goodbye to your favorite cities. In the lists of different authorship includes various “nominees”, but most often they mention Amsterdam, Venice, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Sydney, new York. And fans of recreation on the Islands will have to come to terms with the departure of the under water of Maldives and Bermuda.

And here is the paradox: while cities and countries will go under water, the Earth’s population will experience lack of it. After all, people on Earth will be more, and drinking water – less. Do not suffer from optimism experts claim that, for various reasons, in the next 30 years will disappear a third of the world’s rivers. And if today, water scarcity affects 1 billion people and by 2050 they will be 5 billion.

In this regard, the number of climate refugees will continue to grow: people will seek refuge where nature is still allowed to live more or less calmly, without daily battles.

Мировые катаклизмы: к 2050 году дышать будет уже нечем

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Poisoned air

The main polluters in the near future will not even factories, automobiles, household chemicals and building materials. Global warming will speed up a chemical reaction that turns the ozone into the poison, and the growing city will be filled with transportation and building materials.

And don’t forget about the incineration plants.

Experts forecast disappointing: by 2050 the air is literally poisoned by ozone, carbon dioxide, heavy metals and acids will kill 6 million people annually.

Мировые катаклизмы: к 2050 году дышать будет уже нечем

Photo: Archives of “KP”

Cyber threats

Viruses and the disappearance of privacy

Hackers can not only steal personal data and ruin personal computers, but also to cause damage across the country. Experts say that in the future cyber attacks will become more frequent, causing human life and the victim doing in the billions of dollars.

By the way, Ukraine is similar cyber-attacks familiar to you: a year ago, our country was under attack by a virus Petya.And that, blocking computers demanded hundreds of dollars for a system restore. Then we can say, escaped with slight shock, although the consequences could be much more serious.

However, with the development of the Internet and the increasing number of gadgets also personal data are increasingly at risk. Today we using smartphone execute a lot of monetary transactions – refillable phone bill, transfer money from card to card, pay purchase, order a taxi, buy train and airline tickets. So it is just our smartphone fall into the wrong hands – you will have problems! If it is hacked or stolen, the criminal can withdraw money from cards, get passwords, hack social network page, etc.

But progress does not stand still, and, it seems, soon with the privacy we have to say goodbye completely. As soon as the program is able to make decisions based on the owner’s personal data, a lot of people will not be able to resist the temptation, for example, to shift everyday purchases or search for tickets on the computer. While privacy can be forget, because such a program will require a maximum of information about the user. Therefore, its data will be a goldmine for criminals and industrial spies. And each of us will have to once again make a choice that life is more important: convenience or saving of personal data in secret.

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