World radio day – 13 February

World radio day remains one of the youngest holidays – it was first vdsmature only in 2012.

Всесвітній день радіо - 13 лютого

Even today, after the appearance and development of the Internet, radio remains the world’s one of the most popular mass communication media, information and communication. It is one of the main threads that form the fabric of information space of the planet and bind humanity into a single entity. It is strange that people involved in radio for so long remained without his own holiday. Fortunately, today, this bug has been fixed, informs Rus.Media.


Homeland is Russia. Although it has been over a century since the invention and the practical application of this important means of communication, world radio day remains one of the youngest holidays – it was first vdsmature only in 2012, after the company previously adopted the special resolution of UNESCO.

Why the date of celebration of world radio day (not to be confused with a separate Day of Amateur radio and is celebrated on 7th may exclusively Russian radio Day) chosen the 13th of February? It is not a coincidence. However, with the invention of radio, this selection is in no way affiliated. Just this day already in the distant 1946 in the air were heard the call letters “UN Radio” station, which until that moment had been specially installed directly in the headquarters of the Organization. At the same time, UNESCO urged the people from all countries of the world actively participate in the events dedicated to the radio Day, wherever they were and whoever was not working. After all, if working on the radio a little (although around the world hundreds of thousands of people), then just use it and listen to it almost all.


Of course, the most actively celebrated those who have a direct relation. This:

  • employees of the largest broadcasting corporations;
  • Amateur korotkovolnovoi;
  • military radio operators;
  • operators of radio stations geological parties and polar stations;
  • journalists and journalists;
  • radio, sound engineers and representatives of many other specialties related to radio.

This festival has an international character. Radio operators will certainly send a huge number of congratulations messages from colleagues. The radio channels are a significant volume of the series devoted to various dates, learn about the history of radio in General and broadcasting in particular.